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About Us

Travel Connection Maldives, was founded in 2008 and operates three hotels in Malé. These hotels have established a superb protection for excellence and have been acknowledged internationally for offering a high level of quality and value to guests. These hotels combine state-of-the-art facilities with the personal touch of dependable service by caring stewards. These hotels are certainly an ideal choice for both the business and the leisure traveler.

Mr. Mohammed Mirsaad, owner and manager of the guesthouse, worked in many world-class hotels and resorts such as One & Only Resort Maldives. He personally ensures that guests feel at home and this is why his hotel has been repeatedly named one of the finest in the City of Maldives.

Travel Connection Maldives offers many enchanting getaway opportunities, which include luxury holidays, honeymoons, wedding getaways, family and friends holidays, diving excursions, surfing, and cruising in the Maldives area as well as Sri Lanka.

A distinctive feature of the hotels is their highly motivated and well trained staff, who provide exceptionally attentive, warm, and personalized service.

Guests will feel welcomed with a contemporary, spacious atmosphere when joining us for dining, a quick bite or relaxing. Our restaurants and lounges offer excellent cuisines from Asian fine dining to International selection and a wide selection of fine beverages.

The following facilities which have proven to be very successful and provide incredible levels of service:>

  • Surfview Hotel in H.Coill Majeedheemagu, Malé, (24 Rooms)
  • Surfview Raalhugandu, H.Loajehiaage, Malé (22 Rooms)
  • Laguna Boutique Hotel, Hulhumale, ( 12 Rooms )

Travel Connection Maldives was formed back in February 2013. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of details from our very inception. Our strength lies in our dedication to quality and our understanding that people are a company’s great resource and the fact that a business derives its vigor from the enthusiasm and devotion of its employees.

We have become much more organizationally strong and efficient, and we will make every effort to continually improve ourselves and build a competitive organization that rapidly responds to the ever-changing market.

This is what Travel Connection Maldives is all about: knowledge, experience, cultural background, creativity, imagination, and harmony.

Our company is offering outstanding services to customers around the world with a strong appeal to those seeking tropical holiday vacations. We are a specialized travel company that focuses on luxury breaks, honeymoons, weddings, family holidays, diving, surfing, or cruising to the
Maldives and Sri Lanka.


  • Conference, Meeting and Banquet Booking
  • Group Incentives
  • Meet and Greet Assistance
  • Flight Booking
  • Airport Transfers
  • Visa Assistance and Consultations
  • Excursions such as: Sightseeing Tours, Packaged Tours, Holidays,city hotels, Water Sports and Cruises,
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