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The Maldives are a chain of atolls extending N/S direction from Lat. 07°00.0 N to approx 00°45.5′S, along the meridian of Long. 073 E. Male, the principal port, is centrally situated at NW corner of Male. Male’ Commercial Harbour is situated on the NW side of Male’ island.

Location:  PORT OF MALE’  04.10.5N  073 30.5 E
B.A Charts:   3323. Pilot NP38.
Time Zone :   GMT+5
Load Line Zone :  Tropical

Male’ Commercial Harbour : All cargo vessels are handled at Alongside and as well as at anchorage using Barge operation. Most of the container ships are handled at Alongside Berth.
The port handles all types of cargo except dry bulk, liquefied petroleum and gases.

Port limits: The port limits include the area bounded by:

# Latitude Longitude
1. 04°10.9′N 073°30.4′E
2. 04°12.6′N 073°30.4′E
3. 04°10.7′N 073°28.8′E
4. 04°12.6′N 073°28.8′E

Available Berths

Available Berths LOA Draft at Quay Maximum allowable size of vessel Allowable Draft
1. Alongside berth (Magathu Faalan) 101 m 10.5 m 15,000 displacement. 150 m (LOA) 9 m
2. Eastern Quay -1 (east) 92 m 3.5 m 60 m (LOA) 3.5 m
3. Eastern Quay -2 (south) 53 m 3.5 m 60 m (LOA) 3.5 m

– No Traffic separation schemes.
– Pilot embarking and disembarking position: Lat. 04° 10′.00 N : Lon.73° 32′.00 NE

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