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Maldives Excursions

One of the most interesting things to do in Maldives is to indulge in the many excursions of Maldives. There are a lot of places to see around Maldives. It will be an ultimate experience to visit the fishing village and see the Maldivians way of life. And it can be said that if you do not explore Male, the capital city of Maldives, your trip is incomplete.

You don’t need to ponder as to how to enjoy in Maldives, because there are a number of fun options available to suit the needs of every person’s enthusiasm level and his budget. There are different kinds of excursions available here consisting of diving, sailing, safari fishing trips, discovering the beauty of resort islands and uninhabited islands etc. If you want to have some thrill, then you can choose to opt for aerial excursions by helicopter or seaplane. It will also give you an opportunity to view the clear blue skies. Some of the resorts also provide for moonlight excursions.


For those who would love to see the underwater but hesitate to take the deep plunge, snorkeling is a wonderful alternative.

Since the lagoons of Maldives are so clear that with just a snorkel mask and fin you can be witness to the activities of the many different species of fish and fauna on the unique Maldivian reefs. You are guaranteed to encounter playful fish and rare corals even on the resorts’ house reefs and perhaps a turtle or some other curious creatures too if you are lucky.

Island Hopping

An ‘island-hopping’ excursion would take you to another resort, an uninhabited island and an inhabited island all in a day-tour designed to give you a taste of the country.

You would also get the opportunity to snorkel in the clear waters of a desert island and experience a barbecue on the beach. Some resorts take this a step further by conducting the excursion by sea plane.

Seaplane Tours

The sea plane companies operating in the Maldives offers spectacular flights over the atolls – perfect for photo trips, sight seeing or just plain enjoyment.

These flights provide a range for service flights such as airport-to-resort shuttles, island-hopping and short sight-seeing trips which provide breathtaking views of the coral reefs, islands and the crystalline lagoons.

The flight companies also offer their seaplanes for aerial photography that allows one the chance to capture the natural beauty of the Maldives as seen from above; the view of the small islands dotting the vast ocean at regular intervals like gems on a necklace – the perfect souvenir.

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