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Ideal for photographers and photo enthusiasts, the aerial excursions around the island will offer travelers more than a just a fleeting glimpse, awakening the adventurous spirit in travelers. Aerial sightseeing will truly open your eyes to the majestic views, whilst in the comfort of a low flying aircraft, such as a sea plane.

Known as a “Garland of Islands”, Maldives is a feast for the eyes as seen from a bird’s eye view. Enjoy as you fly over the pristine lagoons, uninhabited islands and quaint little fishing villages. Gaze at the hue-shifting seas of the Maldives as it changes colour from brilliant blue to turquoise. Revel as you glace down upon a spectrum of resorts, coral islands and the fascinating schools of fish as they frolic in the crystalline waters. No matter what your interests are, the 15 minute session of photo flights will not leave tourists disappointed.

Seaplane will be starting from Velana International Airport
Price: 1500.00 USD (charter)
Departure Time: T.B.A
Dive duration: 15 minutes

“All prices are in USD including 12% Goods & Service Tax”

What to Take:

Do not forget to take your Camera!

Additional Info:

Glide above the Maldivian atolls and capture a bird’s eye view of the unspoiled islands. The perfect way to understand the unique geographical positioning of the islands in the Maldives.

Recommended For:

Absolutely any one (children) can enjoy the beautiful islands and lagoons from bird’s eye with your family or loved ones.

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