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Opening of Sinamalé Bridge on 7th September 2018

Opening of Sinamalé Bridge on 7th September 2018

Sinamalé Bridge is one of the largest development projects undertaken by the Maldives and now connects the capital of Malé with the airport island of Hulhulé. Officially opened for public use on 7th September 2018, the Sinamalé Bridge allows visitors to travel from the Raalhugandu area on Malé’s southeast coast to Hulhulé, where Velana International Airport is located. From there, tourists can travel to the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumalé via a link road. With a ferry journey between the two islands taking around 20 minutes, the new bridge includes four lanes for vehicles and reduces the travel time from the airport’s island of Hulhulé to Malé to just three minutes.

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