The Maldives is a small country located in Indian Ocean formed by 26 natural atolls that have been further divided into several administrative units. Atolls are circular-shaped stretches of islands in Maldives. Being one of the greatest geographically dispersed sovereign states in the world, the Maldivian archipelago consists of a thousand plus islands, inhabited or uninhabited, isolated coral reefs, sandbars and lagoons.

Atolls are divided by broad and deep channels and canals many places. With a total geographical territory of 298 square kilometers, the nation is spread over 90,000 square kilometer portion of Indian Ocean. For its unsurpassed natural beauty of pristine islands and lagoons abundant in coral reef houses, tourism has been flourishing in here on an unprecedented scale with more than a hundred of private island resorts. Two international and various domestic airports facilitate the wide transportation here along with wide-spread ferry services for local transfer.

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