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The Maldives is going to be “so” beautiful when it welcomes aboard yet another beach resort onto the archipelago, So/ Maldives. The brand-new So Maldives is all set to be unveiled in this land of adorable nature in November 2023, being the third island of Crossroads Maldives, one-of-a-kind multi-island integrated concept in the Maldives.

Located a short speedboat ride away from Malé International Airport, this newly opening Maldives beach resort has already become one of the much anticipated destinations in the Maldives for several reasons, one, of course, being its inclusion in Crossroads Maldives. The extensive display of re-invented luxury is also counted as a highlight of So Maldives beach resort.

In every respect, So Maldives is promised to excel in all aspects of luxury: accommodations, recreations, atmosphere, service, etc. By all means, the resort will be a playground for both couples and families, providing a wide range of customized experiences for their durations on this otherworldly spot. Along with an assortment of guest experiences it is bound to have as belonging to Crossroads Maldives, So Maldives will be in possession of a Wellness Village with bespoke spa with Hammam, The Zone (Teen Club), and The Nest  (Kids's Space).

Sheltering is made up of 80 beachfront and overwater villas, each with a private pool. Making it convenient for multi-people groups, there will be villas with up to three bedrooms at So Maldives. Oceanfront abodes will be strewn across the white sandy shore of the island with a blanket of verdant vegetation, whereas the overwater ones will be perched above the sparkling lagoon water on stilts; either way, guests will be in for the best of nature-immersed tropical getaway at So Maldives, a five-star luxury Maldives resort.

The culinary wonders are to be rendered through six intenrational eateries and bars, which include specialty restaurants as well. Flavors and cuisines from all around the world will be paid homage in the kitchens of So Maldives - Arabian, Asian, Mediterranean, South American, plant-based, seafood, and more. You will never forget a single moment you have had here.

A little note on Crossroads Maldives is really in place here. As you might have already known, Croassroad Maldives is a unique, the best-of-its-kind conglomeration of three beach island resorts with each working towards a collective experience of luxury and fun. As a part of Crossroads Maldives, So/ Maldives is to join hands with two renowned Maldives beach resorts, namely, SAii Lagoon Maldives and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.

With just a months to the new year, the much hyped So Maldives is sure to pull ahead in hoarding visitors in 2024: a part of the credits will go to early bird offers and stunning Maldives packages the resort is behooved to dole out as being a newly opening haven in the Maldives, which has been the habit of all debuting properties in the Maldives.

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