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A careful reopening with thoughtful yet customized measures from Amilla Fushi Maldives! The threat of Covid-19 getting a thing of past, the Maldives is doing its share restoring the world with its lost joviality. Amilla Fushi Maldives, one of the top-notch beach resorts in the archipelago is all set to pull back its loyal clients world over presenting for post-corona tourism unrefusable packages and deals seasoned with a relaxing and highly-personalized holiday experience in terms of dining, wellness, sheltering, and leisure terms.

Since the Maldives has already opened its borders and lifted international travel restrictions in July, various private island resorts in the country have started welcoming global trotters to its eco-centric luxuries and leisures with mind-easing precautions. Among them, Amilla Fushi Maldives’s model is really worth mentioning for its new global standards and exciting innovations with an enhanced hygiene plan. Of course, the country is getting rid of the threat; but the resort has aptly sensed the possible apprehension in the deep corner of their heart about corona thing. In this blog, you can read the resort’s ‘social-distancing’ wellness measures and other modified additions implemented in light of the pandemic, Covid-19.

Traditional Medicine-Inspired Treatments, Dhivehi Beys, Offering Health secrets

Amilla Maldives has never forgotten to extend its Hygenic systems over to its wellness spa center, as well as the resort officials, have rightly assured to give the health and wellbeing of guests its top priority on the occasion of reopening. The resort has aimed at guests’ health mainly through two means – immunity-oriented dining programs and medicine-inspired spa offerings.

The Javvu Spa in here has envisioned a wide variety of healing secrets concocted according to traditional Maldivian medicine culture, known as ‘Dhivehi Beys’. These natural remedies and healing traditions are believed to have been invented by foresightful forefathers over the centuries. They serve not only the power of herbs but pass down the ancient wisdom too. The select Dhivehi Beys implemented in the resort are still much sought-after among the local Maldivians as well.

The spa has extracted two new methods of physical healing that mingle both modern techniques with local mysteries. There are several resort’s own organic gardens, such as ‘thamburu’, ‘fonithoshi’, and ‘karanfoo’, to supply the spa with necessary herbs and spices.

The ‘Thamburu Beys Dhemun, the first one, shall be a 50-minute session geared towards the recovery from jetlag symptoms, muscle stiffness, neck and back pain, heavy legs and swelling. The treatment shall make use of the magical power of Maldivian herbs combining it with massage techniques. The other one being the ‘Masgulha Filuva Beys’, Javvu Spa has in inventory a 90-minute treatment for stimulating an extremely deep muscle relaxation. The experienced-hands at here use home-made oils and local spices and ingredients to ward off inflammation.

  • Amilla Fushi Maldives Wellness
    Amilla Fushi Maldives Wellness

Solo-Use Gym Pods and Jungle Gymnasium Ensuring Convenient Social Distance

Other important personalized arrangements shall be its hygienic bubbles or open-air ‘jungle gym’. Amilla Fushi Maldives has prepared the solo-use gyms for those guests who wish some privacy and ease of mind while working out. The resort has transformed three of their spacious spa pods into private ‘gym pods’ in total seclusion and physical distance. The facility at these three air-conditioned gym pods is highly appreciated for the interesting fact that the set-up can be fully customized as per the preference and requirements of each guest over the gym equipment. These innovations with minute caring are all nothing but aimed at doing away with any concerns guests may have about being in public while they’re on holiday.

The resort officials point out as an added bonus of these gym pods that they shall be highly helpful for celebrities and other VIPs who would rather complete privacy.

As with every other part of the resort, at gym-pods too, hygiene is kept at its most satisfactory level. Every single piece of the equipment, floor, and door shall be sanitized out right between each two guest bookings. Additionally, guests are offered a free PCR test on arrival in the Maldives coupled with temperature checks at Amilla Fushi Maldives while they are welcomed to the resorts conforming to prescribed safety protocols.

Fusing the necessity of social distancing with the urge of embracing nature, Amilla Fushi Maldives has given shape to one more work-out program under the jungle canopy - Amilla’s Jungle Gymnasium. In addition to its ample space allocation, the jungle work-out also present all sorts of equipment including those outdoor-apt things like climbing ropes, climbing net, and yoga trapeze.

Amidst the island, under some overwhelming shades of beautiful tropical flora, you shall be not only doing your physical fitness in your own fresh air but also feeling the positive vibes emanating from all corners of this white sandy heaven.

Last but not the least, guests can also book the resort’s main gym for their personal use. There shall take place timely cleaning and sanitization after every session.


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