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Pulse Resorts & Hotels, one of the newly arrived hospitality groups in the Maldives is stunning the beach island tourism of the Maldives with one another luxurious beach resort in the archipelago, Avalon Private Residences Maldives. As the resort authorities informed the sector, the brand-new Avalon Private Residences Maldives will be accessible to book for your Maldives vacation from 2023.

The Maldives archipelago has been blessed with 1000+ coral reef islands, of which 150+ natural islands have become world-renowned tourist destinations with unique nature-chic getaway concepts coupled with luxurious resort sheltering. This is where Avalon Private Residences Maldives joins with a strong determination to showcase quite distinctive hospitality before international tourists.

Avalon Private Residences Maldives, scheduled to open in 2023, will be a five-star beach resort set on its own island, named Hiriyafushi, in South Dhaalu atoll. The entire island is to be developed in a nature-oriented way with all infrastructures featuring a mix of organic architecture and luxurious interior design, whereas nature providing the perfect surroundings for all the establishments.

Facilitating accommodation both on the beach and over the ocean, Avalon Private Residences Maldives will be presenting an exclusive collection of 49 ravishing residences with ample space, various living areas, private sun terrace, modern bathrooms, private pools, furniture, technology, and direct access to the environments. With one and more bedrooms, the residences of Avalon Private Residences Maldives will be an ideal haven for all kinds of Maldives visitors - couples and families.

Likewise, other guest facilities including dining, recreation, and wellness will be presented in the best forms at Avalon Private Residences Maldives. Feeding its inhabitants to their heart's content, this Maldives newly opening resort is to scatter several international eateries across the island, where cuisines from all around the world will be authentically performed. To top them off, customized destination dining will also be a part of the dining scheme of this Maldives beach resort.

Typical of a private beach island resort, Avalon Private Residences Maldives will prepare all kinds of beach and ocean recreations for its guests. Motorized and non-motorized water sports, underwater explorations, ocean excursions, mid-ocean hunting and fishing, and local island excursions will be the eventful part of your resort itinerary at this newly-to-open Maldives beach resort.

Established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Deep Blue Private Limited, Pulse Hotels & Resorts is a global hospitality development company that brings innovation, creativity, and difference to its properties. Besides Avalon Private Residences Maldives which is to open in 2023, Pulse Hotels and Resorts has been successfully running three other prestigious Maldives beach resorts - Tha Nautilus Maldives, Kandima Maldives, and Nova Maldives.

There is one good reason why you should be more excited about this new addition on the list of Maldives beach island resorts. Newly opening resorts have always been advantageous for visitors because Maldives tour packages tend to be a steal from them. All you need to do is just stay tuned in and keep in the know; we, Travel Connection Maldives, will update you with the best tour packages and offers from Avalon Private Residences Maldives.


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