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Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives, yet another five-star beach resort destination in the Maldives, is all set to welcome guests from July 1st, 2023.

The Maldives will never have enough amusing globe-trotters with its mind-blowing beach destinations, and even the most discreet travel pundits won't have enough of admiring its enthralling beauty. This time the Maldivian archipelago is calling your attention to the opening of another its beach resort destination, Barcelo Whale Lagoon Maldives.

Located on the private island of Bodufinolhu in South Ari Atoll, Barcelo Whale Lagoon Maldives is a five-star luxury island destination with beach and overwater accommodations and a wide variety of fun ingredients. "An absolute paradise" descended on an isolated marine region of the Indian Ocean, Barcelo Whale Lagoon Maldives is a place where transcendence reigns unquestionably.

A mid-ocean la-la land for exotic getaways, Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives welcomes all kinds of Maldives travelers such as honeymooners and families to its out-of-the-world nature-chic experiences wrapped in luxury and comfort. Its powdery white shores and vast stretch of turqioise lagoon are more than enough to leave anyone spell-bounded in a matter of second.

Let us take a peep into what are the things Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives has laid out on its private island to make your Maldives vacations eventful and memorable. You can win amazing Maldives tour packages to Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives from Travel Connection Maldives with the best prices and offers. Reach out to us anytime!

100 Hundred Free-Standing Villas On The Beach And Over The Water

Scattered in alluring raw nature that exuding heavenly charm, 100 luxury abodes are available at Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives 5* Hotel for guests with an occupancy for two and three people. Beach Villas are studded up and down the powdery sand shore, inside tropical flora, whereas Overwater Villas are hurled further off the beach onto the turquoise lagoon, where they sit on stilts just a few feet above the shimmering water. Staying on or off the island, guests will have direct acess to the pristine environments they are put in; beach villas back on to the clam-littered sand stretch, while the private sun terrace of the water villas has stairs descending to the water.

The interior of the villas will be rich in modern comforts, where the exterior more focuses on blending in with the nature. Each sheltering units of Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives 5* Resort will have an outdoor and indoor shower, a bathtub, a terrace, sun loungers, a flat-screen TV, an airconditioner, ceiling fans, complimentary toiletries, a nice display of furniture, bathrobes, slippers, a minibar, and many more. For Maldives honeymoons and family holidays, they promise perfect stay to live out your fantasies.

  • Beach villas
  • Sunset beach villas
  • Water villas
  • Sunset water villas
  • Sunset suite villas

A Comprehensive Culinary Experience Representing The World Itself

To the Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives, dining is not just an act of feeding and filling up, but food-connoisseur-kinds of international culinary sessions to touch base with varied cuisines and meal cultures from all around the world is the mission of eateries of here. This newly opening Maldives resort sets up three international restaurants,three bard, and a snack bar for guests to indulge in an eating-spree.

A full-spread buffet for breakfast on continental themes, open kitchens, speciality dishes, seafood varieties in local and international styles, a collection of magical drinks and concoctions are all just among the highlights here. Dine while you enjoy nature and the company of your loved ones at this five star mid-ocean destination. Private dining and destination dining are two other ways to take your gatherings to next level of exclusiveness at Barceló Whale Lagoon Maldives.


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