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Baros Maldives, one of the best sought-after beach resorts in the Maldives, again becomes the apple of the eye of travel-connoisseurs. For a number of reasons like romantic sheltering, peaceful atmosphere, pristine environment and multitudes of recreations, Baros Maldives has cemented their existence in the expansive field of Maldives beach island tourism. This time, Baros Maldives gets a special mention for its praiseworthy dining system.

Baros Maldives is a stately paradise where the best of both worlds converge. With an all-private vegetated island of white shores surrounded by azure ocean, Baros Maldives is a five-star luxury resort property for beach and overwater accommodation. Located around just 25 minutes away from Velana International Airport in Male', the capital of the Maldives, Baros Maldives offers easy access of a 25-minute speedboat ride.

Baros Maldives ushers its guests into a world of bespoke dining programs and diverse food cultures by means of its special dining provisions. In this blog post, let us delve into some of Baros Maldives' dining moments. If you would like to skip to the resort packages from Baros Maldives and booking, waste no time in contacting one of the best tour operators of the Maldives.

#1 Sandbank Dining

If private dining had an extreme definition, this would be it. Totally isolated from the resort's island, away from sight itself, Sandbanks in the Maldives are mini islands by themselves with zero vegetation. They look like having sprout out from the ocean with a small area of sugar-like sand. Sandbank dining at Baros Maldives gives you the all essence of romance, privacy and peace. You would be marooned on the sandbar with your personal chef or just the food. With bare feet in the sand, you would enjoy the autonomy of this islet. Go for a sunrise breakfast, a picnic lunch or romantic dinner in the light of dimly lit lanterns.

  • Baros Maldives Sandbank Dine
    Baros Maldives Sandbank Dine

#2 Island Dining

On the secluded tip of the Baros Maldives' island, you would be seated to a well-embellished venue. With your toes playing with sands, ears enjoying the hum of the waves washing ashore a few steps away, and eyes soaking up the nightly views of the ocean, you are treated to one of the most exclusive dining sessions of the island. Your personal chef is all ears to your subtle needs. Just what you ordered with a touch of his craft would be out before you in a matter of minutes. Venue is customized to your liking: on your villa deck, on the beach, or beneath the trees. This is preferable for early sunrise breakfast and dinner.

  • Baros Maldives Island Dining
    Baros Maldives Island Dining

#3 Nooma Dining

Dining is not just all about sitting static at a place at Baros Maldives. Your dining consists of some of the most tropical ocean moments when you opt for a Nooma dining session at this five star resort in the Maldives. On a sailing dhoni, you are provided with your own butler who will be eager to get your order to your utmost satisfaction. While you float around past schools of fishes, ask for a drink or eats. At sunset, special cocktails are our recommendation for you. Get out onto the open space of the vessel for an under-the-stars dinner. Gourmet menu customized for exclusive moments is prepared for you.

  • Baros Maldives Nooma Cruise Dining.
    Baros Maldives Nooma Cruise Dining


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