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It is a commonly asked question among Maldives lovers that what would be the perfect season or time of the year to visit Maldives! Absolutely it is worth knowing about the concept of 'best' if you would like to have a satisfactory and perfect Maldives trip! Asked for a short phrased answer, we would like to tell you the truth that there is no importance for the concept of best. It is all about your mindset and taste. Yet there are some special advantages and specifications attributed to two major different seasons in Maldives which we are going to break down here.

There is something to do with the seasons in Maldives when it comes to play with your taste. So, knowing Maldives to the marrow would help you design your travel in a perfect environment that 'your mind' would like. Regardless of anything, only you can make your trip a best one. In the matter of Maldives, you will have to solely care about two different seasons, namely, rainy and summer. Read on to know more about the weather cycle in Maldives for booking your Maldives visit in 'your' best time.

Maldives Climate & Weather

Located in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, Maldives has a tropical climate situation with two major seasons of weather; namely Dry Season and Wet Season. Dry Season literally means the summer months in Maldives with less rain and comparatively lower amount of humidity in air. It would more or less last from November to April. The sun would always disseminate an average atmosphere temperature of 30 degree Celsius; ranging from 28 to 32. Wet Season is characterized with strong winds and down-pouring; which means monsoon in Maldives. Maldives would be wet in the months of May to October.

Transition months from Wet Season to Summer Season and vice versa may show variation in the climate. There is no provision for heavy snows and extreme cold in the schedule of Maldives since it lies near to the Equator. Anyway, the coldest month would be January following Christmas. Speaking generally, the nation would be sunny year around with average temperature of 29 or 30 degree Celsius. You can expect a consistent atmosphere humidity between 72 to 78%. That means Maldives is an year-round travel destination.

Peak Season for Maldives Tourism

Maldives tourism reaches the zenith in the months of November through May, which happens to be summer in Maldives when each natural element in Maldives would add to friendly and perfect climate situation. Though Maldives is regarded as one of the year-round travel destinations around the world,  summer, as in everywhere, is considered to be the best time and season of the year to visit Maldives providing perfect atmosphere and ambiance for the guests for holiday and honeymoon celebration with clear sky all day long.

Visiting Maldives in its peak time, Dry Season, would benefit you in many ways, first being the perfect holiday climate. You shall have access to each and every recreational activities the resort provides both on water and on land. For divers and snorkelers, clear vision will be there underwater with no obstruction of current. Sight-seeing and island hopping are best experienced during this time with no mud and troubles to walk. For families and honeymooners alike, this is perfect time to visit Maldives.

  • Maldives Summer Season - Starts From November Through May
    Maldives Summer Season November To May

Low Season for Maldives Tourism

As we know, rainy months from May to October are considered to be low season for Maldives tourism with slight decrease in the number of travelers. That said, there are a lot of travelers who would like to visit Maldives during its rainy months for its unique feast during these wet months too; plus there are various advantages when you visit Maldives during low season. Especially honeymooners choose monsoon time in Maldives for its extreme romantic ambiance of the time couples with the super privacy during the time when there are a few guests at resort.

For those would like to enjoy the mesmerizing feel of rains over lagoon and island in seclusion, but with access to all sorts of luxury and entertainment activities, Wet Season is the ideal time. Happily, most resorts in Maldives lower its price upto 70% these months while there would be considerable margin on flight tickets as well. If you would like more proximity to nature accompanied by privacy and luxury, you can visit Maldives during its rainy months when you will get budget packages.

  • May to October are considered to be low season
    May to October are considered to be low season

Caring Season Necessary for Maldives Visit?

Blessed with a beautiful geography and nice weather, Maldives is a finest year-round tour destination for all sorts of purposes. Though there are two distinct seasons as Peak and Wet seasons, Maldives is all the same elegant and luxury as always. So visiting this heavenly land both in its summer season and rainy season would entertain you to the fullest but in unique ways. When one tries to usher you into a world of fun and jolly the other one will be of a romantic and secluded hide-away which would be perfect for couples and honeymooners. But luxuries and resort facilities would be same and perfect all year long without any less but addition.

Ask yourselves! What kind of environment you would like in Maldives. If you are leaning towards beach merry-making and sunny climate, no more hesitation, Dry Season is the right time for you. But if you would like being uniquely romantic and secluded yet with all the access to resort facilities and fun, you shall try months from April to October. For families, summer is the best while for couples both seasons are okey.

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  • Summer is the  Best for Family Time in Maldives
    Summer is Best for Family Time in Maldives


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