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Maldives, the hottest pick among all the holiday destinations around the world, has announced the opening of several five star resorts in 2020, with some of them being at the very outset of the New Year, like Brennia Kottefaru Maldives which would be the prominent resort in the list, scheduled to open in March itself. With all the elegance and charm of a Maldives islet, this beach resort aims to set new standards for modern concepts of luxury living. Apart from being a brand-new hotel, its magnificent existence in the most pristine Raa atoll is what makes Brennia's arrival much celebrated and eagerly expected. Here you can read everything about Brennia Kottefaru Resort and its unique facilities. If you would like to know more just visit our resort page.

The Resort Has Announced Their Grand Opening On March 2020.

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All You Need To Know About Brennia Kottefaru Maldives!

Welcoming all sorts of travelers to its festivities, Brennia Kottefaru Maldives would be a stunning five star luxury beach resort, located in the secluded portion of the Raa atoll that is rich with underwater beauties of coral gardens and shipwrecks. Bringing forth a new experience of comfort, the resort would provide luxury yet rustic accommodation both on its own heart-shaped private island and on the turquoise lagoon water around. Barely 170 kilometers away from Male, the capital, the resort provides two modes of transfer for its guests whereby people with different tastes for traveling shall be nicely dealt with. The seaplane service by Trans Maldives would be the preferred transportation for all the scenic experience you are going to enjoy. Plus, it would be a direct flight to the welcome lounge of Brennia Kottefaru Resort. If you don't mind, you can opt for the domestic airline to Ifuru airport wherefrom a luxury speedboat would do the rest.

Boasting of beautiful natural-chic surroundings, Brennia Resort Maldives is all-private beach island property with wide areas of white sand beaches, romantic shades of tropical foliage, pleasant-looking oceanfront and a huge stretch of lagoons all around its heart-shaped island.

The important characteristic of the resort is that both couples and families would equally like the location that stretches over 15 hectares wide area. Setting up a beautiful motto, Stewards of Excellence, the property would be available by January 2020.

  • Brennia  Kottefaru Resort Maldives Beach Pool Villa
    Brennia Kottefaru Resort Maldives Beach Pool Villa

Three Things That Brennia Kottefaru Aims to Excel in!

Proclaiming that it is duty-bound to fulfill all the expectations placed on it by the world, being a brand-new beach resort, Brennia Kottefaru Maldives would be competing not to stay a match for the rest, but to surpass, to rewrite the 'luxury'for the year 2020. We shall expect its own signature touch on all the three aspects of any typical Maldives 5* resort; namely, accommodation, dining, and wellness. Being an all-in-one destination, Brennia Maldives has put up multitudes of villas and suites both on the water and on the island with all the modern comforts and amenities. Coupled with utmost privacy, residences here are not only for perfect bedding, but also for entertainment and leisure with many of them featuring a private pool, direct lagoon or beach access and water slides.

Perfect for honeymooners and families, there are 106 land villas and 84 water villas in twelve categories. Speaking about the culinary provision in here, guests shall find six restaurants and bars including two primary eateries that would stun you with its huge seating capacity for housing up to 200 guests at a time. One peculiarity about dining at Brennia Maldives is that each venue is exclusive for particular groups of guests, like those who indulge in water sports and those who find pleasure in singing and karaoke. They present specialized chefs, extremely hospitable staff and crew, international cuisines and tranquil atmosphere. The Brennia Spa would be having a record number of treatment rooms in addition to various spa facilities like welcome and relaxation lounges, sauna and boutique. You will have highly efficient therapists to take care of your body with the rituals of oriental mysteries.

Being The Stewards of Excellence!

Just with a piece of caption, 'The Stewards of Excellence', Brennia Resort Maldives says it all. Thanks to the ever-captivating atmosphere and sunny weather persisting here all year around, Brennia Maldives primarily looks forward to creating a merry-making ambiance for anyone who enter on this island. You might have enjoyed the world of private island resorts even before! But we would like to present you the same world, but with unique and strange experiences. We would like to excel in everything we provide for you. You might feel a streak of strangeness even with each gulp of your coffee here. How about having a great time in our shallow lagoons and on the beach with water sports and plenty of land activities. Your holiday vacation here would be an ever-memorable moments to be cherished forever assisted by the dedicated services from us.

  • Brennia Kottefaru Beach Pool Villa
    Brennia Kottefaru Beach Pool Villa


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