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Sure, Maldives will never ever run out of the charms and elegance of its heavenly environments and marine beauty that it enjoys through the special care and concerns it reserves for nature sustainability and durability. Pullman Maldives Maamutaa and Mercure Koodoo, the two sister concerns from Accor Hotel Group that have been opened quite recently are taking a highly-appreciable and exemplary move to keep the Maldives going by reducing the use and transaction of simple-use plastic products in its islands and resorts in the Maldives. The pledge they took today for the cause of the planet is the pure reflection of these resorts, Pullman Maldives and Mercure Kooddoo's primary motto behind their hospitality, 'the tourism based on the nature-chic luxury!'

No-Plastic Campaign At Pullman Maldives & Mercure Kooddoo Maldives

Almost all hospitality groups and properties in the Maldives give importance to such-nature saving programs in their islands. But this innovative determination from Pullman Maldives Maamutaa and Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort to stand dead-against the use of plastics literally deserves a big round of applause for their solid and collective programs in this cause. The campaign was recently boosted by Dhiraagu, the local telecom company in the Maldives who offered 600 of reusable carry-bags to the resorts, following which, the resorts were deciding to step up their nature-sustainability programs and they launched officially their worthwhile campaign against single-use plastics all across their islands.

The event, that has been titled 'Save The Ocean', was marked by the grand participation from the government and the group's representatives. Inaugurated by Rifath Rasheed from the government tourism wing, the program was hosted by Amandine and Philippe, the resorts' marine biologist and culinary director respectively and other special delegated who gave an hours-long beautiful presentation about their cause, aims and means to the entire resort crew and staff who were all willing to carry-out this dream project. Also, the resort management assured the tourism department of the government that the resorts would set up a dedicated team as part of the cause to visit the neighboring local islands of Maamendhoo and Villingili to disseminate a public awareness about sticking hold to the nature-saving missions and keeping its blessed surrounding all pristine.

The Need Of Campaigns Against Plastics & Other Nature Saving Programs In Maldives!

The Maldives, the hottest and most desirable tour destination all around the world for honeymoon and holiday is a stunning feast of modern luxury and comfort accommodation that has been all based on the concept of nature-chic luxury; which means, each development, no matter tourism-based or anything else, should be heeding the nuances and aspects of the pristine surroundings and the heavenly environments that Maldives islands have been intrinsically blessed with by the nature. For the same reason, Maldives would not be approving of any sort of situation that would contaminate and harm its pristine beaches, lagoons, and ocean. The main reason why Maldives still enjoys its title as the best holiday destination is simply because of the enormous amount of concern and care they provide for their eco-system. Plastics and bottles and such single-use products capable of polluting the surrounding are strictly avoided in its islands. Moreover, its tourism flourished due to the marvelous underwater beauty of coral gardens and vibrant aquatic species that makes preserved biosphere reserve and bio-system.

Accor Hotels Group & Planet21 Mission!

Through its nature sustainability program, named Planet21, Accor Group of Hotels & Resorts aims to preserve the environment and eco-system of The Maldives as is by leading a global-level campaign with its brands and properties spearheading the regional missions and programs for the cause of nature. Implementing its motto of Planet21, Accor Group makes a call to action at the world to make it happen that we take necessary actions on staying eco-friendly and stand with nature in our daily life. Accor Group wants to make itself the true model to follow by joining two of its five Maldives properties, Pullman Maldives Maamutaa and Mercure Maldives Kooddoo in the group's collective endeavor, who took a solid oath against the use of single-use plastic themselves.

It is quite awesome how these newly opened resorts in Maldives, Pullman Maamutaa and Mercure Kooddoo, take up such innovative moves for the cause of environment, thanks to the planet 21 mission of Accor hotel group. Pullman Maldives, located in Gaafu Alifu Atoll, is a captivating five-star resort surrounded by turquoise lagoons in the Indian Ocean while the Mercure Kooddoo is a four-star affordable luxury property from the same group, located in the same atoll. Guests are provided with luxury accommodation both on the beach and over the water here with access to a wide range of fun and leisure activities making your honeymoon and vacation ever-cherished ones.


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