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Feel all the fun in a unique way at Cocco Bodu Hithi, an outstanding beach island resort in Maldives, that presents the first-ever floating yoga studio in the Maldives itself, the trending fitness activity, in alliance with AquaX Academy from China.

The concept of floating yoga at Cocco Bodu Hithi shall be available to the guests from March onwards this year. The pristine island lagoon with turquoise water keeping comfortable current all the time shall be the venue for these innovative floating yoga classes and other recreational stand-up paddle classes.

As Shafa Shabeer, the Director of Marketing at Coco Bodu Hithi, remarked, 'the resort team is really chuffed to bits to be teaming up with AquaX Academy to launch the very first floating yoga studio in the Maldives, as they are reliable leaders in the fitness industry'.

Founded by Queene Xiao, the Chinese ambassador of yoga apparel brand Lululemon, AquaX Academy pioneered the innovative water sports and activities in China and they are the first to launch a floating studio concept for fitness activities in China.

The resort should also be conducting a four-day SUP yoga retreat from 15th to 19th March led by instructors of AquaX Academy. Staged as part of the 'Ocean Sweat Life', a SUP retreat program, recommended by Queene Xiao and her fellow Lululemon ambassadors, the much-awaited retreat shall also provide regular yoga classes and introductory stand-up paddling and floating yoga sessions on the lagoon.

What's A Floating Yoga Studio & The Experience?

Floating Yoga, also known as stand-paddle board yoga, is now a popular form of fitness activity that shall take your workout to the next level. Similar to our regular yoga, the newly-envisioned floating yoga as well utilizes the quintessential principles of meditation, balance, strength, and flexibility, but in a desirably exaggerated way.

In the normal course, there is a yoga pavilion on the island too where you have a personal trainer and equipment. But you should never miss our over-water meditation and fitness program because it is a one-of-a-kind experience for you and Coco Bodu Hithi is the only one in the Maldives to provide such. Over the crystal-clear lagoon, you shall be performing your yoga on a comfortable and flawless stand-up paddleboard in a group. Your personal trainer shall be nearby on another paddle-board. Most probably, there would be three of you at a time with your paddleboard forming a triangle shape facilitating better stability over the water.

The water-floating yoga effects enhanced meditative practice by connecting your mind and body to nature and engaging your senses in a stable mood. Eventually, you shall feel your inner and outer portions of the self in true balance and alignment.

  • Coco Bodu Hithi First Floating Yoga Studio
    Coco Bodu Hithi Floating Yoga Studio

Benefits Of Practicing On A Floating Yoga Or Fitness Studio!

  • It is always easier than you think to access balance over the water.
  • The level of concentration is higher compared to the land experience.
  • Balancing on the board, which you automatically and involuntarily does, gives you cues to help you self-correct and to be more in sync with your body.
  • Your balance and sensory experience shall certainly improve. It is quite interesting how easily, even without prior experience, you sense that you are stronger on one side and you quickly manage the position.
  • Your joints and muscles get the necessary work-out even without you knowing it and pressuring on it.
  • Moreover, it is playful moments over the turquoise lagoon water.

  • Coco Bodu Hithi Maldives Floating Yoga Studio
    Maldives First Floating Yoga Or Fitness Studio

Coco Bodu Hithi Maldives & Its Other Wellness And Fitness Programs

Located in North Male atoll, around 31 kilometers away from Male airport, Coco Bodu Hithi is a magnificent beach island Resort in Maldives with beach villas and overwater villas in addition to a wide range of resort facilities and amenities for guests. Welcoming both honeymooners and families, this five-star resort features various international restaurants, water sports and dive center, and places for endless merry-making.

In addition to a newly-presented floating yoga studio over the lagoon, Coco Bodu Hithi is known for its lavish approach towards the wellness needs of its loyal guests. Offering ultimate relaxation, COCO Spa, the featured wellness & spa center at the resort, comes with six spacious and luxury couple treatment rooms over the beryl-colored tranquil lagoon water on the northern part of the resort, next to the Escape Water Residences.

The rooms are set getting a nice view of the ocean. Soothing breezes shall come in always coupled with a comforting lullaby of the water to replenish the environment with quite a romantic and tranquil mood. Guests are offered a lavish menu on a wide variety of massages, body therapies, spa rituals, countries-oriented signature treatments, Ayurveda and beauty services. There would be highly skilled oriental spa specialists to satisfy your urge for plunging into the oasis of serenity. Next to the spa, you shall have a multi-facility gym center and a pavilion for yoga practice.

  • Coco Bodu Hithi Maldives Floating Yoga Studio
    Coco Bodu Hithi Maldives Floating Yoga Studio


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