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Beside its unparalleled feast of nature-oriented provisions and recreations, the Maldives is all set to present something unexceptional for your kids and teens for this year's summer when Como Maalifushi, the reputed family-friendly resort in the Maldives, stages a set of remarkable summer camps on its island, Earth Summer Camp and Space Summer Camp, from July 11th to August 20th. Never spare a second in enrolling your kids for the best happening place and event this summer 2022.

The summer camps will be led by Nicole Stott, who is a former NASA astronaut, aquanaut, artist, author, and engineer. During her 30-year career at NASA, she has got the opportunity to spend 104 days in space at the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle, being the tenth woman to undertake a spacewalk. 'Space for Art Foundation', which is an innovative planetary community imparting the aesthetic of space exploration to children, is her praiseworthy contribution to the society.

Christine Korp, who is a colleague to Nicole and founder of the non-profit organization, Space for a better world, will also join the session during Nicole's tenure on the island for conducting this much exciting Space Summer Camp. They are of the opinion that space and ocean are two realms of the planet where the best form of cooperation between humans regardless of the boundaries of countries are met. For the same reason, these off-the-earth workshops will be both entertaining and educating to your dear little ones.

As for the event, Como Maalifushi has designed their summer celebration in two distinct camps: Earth Summer Camp and Space Summer Camp. The Earth Summer Camp will commence from July 11th and last until August 7th, 2022, whereas The Space Camp will be staged from August 12th to 20th. Guests need no additional payment for having their kids part of the camps since both camps will grant complimentary access to any kids on the island to help them explore nature.

The inclusion of space has been derived from the idea that just like the ocean and its marine surroundings, space as well is a realm of nature indispensable for the earth and the life inhabiting it. Just like the globe-trotters develop a serious awareness about the marine realm, it is quite important that we get to know the space as well. How beautifully has Como Maalifushi designed the concept for its summer camp of 2022.

What makes Como Maalifushi's summer camps and events distinguished is that they guarantee a collective experience of adventure, awareness, realization, and happiness. Not only kids but adults as well find immense pleasure in each activity of this summer holiday celebration. Watching your kids having a world of joy will fill your heart with content. Your kids will be returning home with a new perspective towards nature and its resources.

Como Maalifushi, the venue of these viral summer camps, is popular as the first and only resort in Thaa atoll, which is known for treasuring best forms of Maldives underwater life, around 209 Kilometers away from Male'. Can't you guess how peaceful, secluded, and private this destination would be for having a memorable family holiday celebration. Offering accommodation on all surfaces of nature, such as beach, garden, and water, Como Maalifushi Resort is an ideal destination for all kinds of Maldives getaways.

Earth Summer Camp 2022, July 11th to August 7th @Como Maalifushi

The summer holiday celebration will be kicking off with an array of earth-bound adventures that will enlighten your kids on some precious instinct-improving, and craftsmanship-developing tasks such as raft building, marine biology and a desert island boot camp.

  • Marine biology
  • Deserted island boot camp
  • Raft building
  • A treasure hunt on Lavadhoo Island
  • Family football, volleyball, baseball and cricket games
  • Stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Movies under the stars
  • A bonfire night with s’mores and a talent show
  • Cooking classes and mock tail-making


Space Summer Camp 2022, August 12 to 20th, @Como Maalifushi

Things are better learned and inculcated when the recipient is free and interested. Junior guests can't ever be found more engaged and involved than here. The wonders of nature that reside high up are introduced to your kids in scientific and artistic ways. Sometimes, you would even crave being a child so that you could participate yourself.

  • Stargazing in the evenings
  • Space suite decorating
  • Postcards to space
  • Space-training Snorkel Safarri
  • Art from Above
  • Space Snacks
  • A treasure hunt on Lavadhoo Island
  • Family football, volleyball, baseball and cricket games
  • Stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Beach clean-ups
  • Movies under the stars
  • A bonfire night with s’mores and a talent show
  • Cooking classes and mock tail-making


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