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Emerald Maldives never forgets to share her love and care to its loyal admirers all around the world even during this time of hardship by means of a few valuable tips that shall make anyone relaxed and positive. This magnificent beach island destination is pretty much concerned about the caged spirit of global totters who literally suffocate with the whole world locked down before them in wake of the newly-emerged pandemic COVID 19.

The Emerald Maldives, one of the praiseworthy epitomes of Maldivian hospitality, aims at all sorts of travelers that reside in any corner of the world by sharing its thoughts with the public. Let's just check out those five do-at-home instructions of love and care that are geared towards the happier, energized, and encouraged self of ourselves. Now 'feel at Emerald Maldives' from right inside your household.

#1 Stress-Relieving Deep Breath Exercises

It is a time of anxiety, tension, and apprehension. The yoga instructor at Emerald Maldives Resort highly suggests Deep Breathing Exercises for Intercostal Muscles and the Diaphragm Breathe and Relax Exercises to bring down the stress of everyday life and the news around you. They are all set to make you feel mentally strong and free. The Bellow's Breath breathing exercise is not only detoxifying you but also do good to your diaphragm muscles.

This exercise requires you to be in a comfortable seated position. Then start inhaling through your nose. But when you exhale remember to snap your muscles in. You need to keep on for 30 seconds with increasing the speed gradually. The Intercostal Stretching Breath wants you in standing position where you stretch both arms over your head. Start inhaling deeply. While exhaling stretch your arms to the right with the effect of your left intercostal muscles being stretched. In the next breathing cycle, attain the center position as you stood in the beginning. Next, do the same while stretching your arms to the left; this time working your right intercostal muscles. Repeat a couple more times.

#2 Morning Boost Beverages To Feel The Taste Of A Paradise Escape

Stay positive right from the morning onwards with the help of these energy-boosting drinks. The first suggestion is simply warm lemon water that can help you stay hydrated all day long, reduce your fat, and improves your digestive system. The second one is a richer smoothie with special additions - 'the match green tea'. In addition to being a well nutrient, it is a good metabolism booster.

The ingredients for one glass of the latter call for: ¼ c pineapple (frozen), 1 c kale or 2 kale leaves (de-stemmed), 1 tbsp coconut oil or coconut butter, ½ avocado, 1 c water or coconut water (or sub milk or nut milk of choice). As optional, try including: 1 tsp matcha green tea, ½ c full fat plain Greek yogurt, ½ banana (instead of avocado).

#3 Convert Your Bathroom Into The Emerald Spa

Let your mind have an impression of you just peacefully reclining inside the Emerald Spa, one of the featured amenities at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa. For that, the spa specialist from the resort as well contribute a couple of useful homemade spa wellness beauty tips and treatments to the list for helping your skin have a fresh look and natural glow.

The Natural Facial intended to refresh and hydrate your skin calls for these pickings: 2 tablespoons of plain Yoghurt mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey (as face cleanser), 1 tablespoon of fine Sugar (as face scrub), carrot water (face tuner), cucumber, sliced thin layers (face mask), virgin Olives oil (face oil), face moisturizer of your choice.

Apply the cleanser in all areas for a couple of minutes and then clean the face with a warm wet towel. Then apply the carrot water with a cotton pad. Once the skin has taken in the carrot water, apply the face-scrub that you made by mixing the sugar with warm water, and make the inner-circle movements. Then, wipe it off with a warm wet towel and apply the face oil with circular movements. Lay the sliced cucumbers over the face and leave it there for 15 minutes. Take away the cucumbers, wipe the face with the towel, and apply the moisturizer.

Coffee scrub can do wonders on your skin in addition to better your mornings. It can get you rid of dead skin. The ingredients are: 1 cup of finely ground coffee beans, ½ cup liquid coconut oil or Virgin olives oil, 2 tablespoons of natural honey. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the scrub to the skin and entire body with circular movements and leave it there for a few minutes. After that, take a shower and apply the body moisturizers. Do it once a week.

#4 Find The Natural Elegance Of Emerald Maldives In Your Domestic Surroundings

What made its island beautiful and kept you closely connected to it? Only its pristine nature and surroundings! So it is evident that you have some serious nature-loving instincts in your body. Water it and grow it by finding a few minutes every day taking strolls in your immediate natural surroundings at dawn or dusk. Nature can affect your mood and thinking in a positive way. The refreshment if offers is sufficient enough to keep you proactive and less-stressed from work. It holds you away from feeling anxious or apprehended. Furthermore, it brings blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and improves your immune system. Bonding with nature is the only way to connect to the natural elegance of this 20 hectare Maldives resort.

#5 Make your home feel a little more like Emerald Maldives Beach Club

Never let your fun and happiness drain out these days of lock-down! That is why the resort strongly recommends you you keep a replica of its 'Beach Club' to yourself in your home. Beach Club at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is the nucleus of the majority of its total fun and leisure. It is a vast area positioned on the main beach of the island where guests gather for swimming, relaxing, and enjoying the sunset. Plus the portion is the culmination of various hues and colors found in nature, like the blue of the ocean, yellow of the sands, white of the sky, green of the foliage, the orange of the sun. The colors in nature can bring soothing effects to one's mood. The more pleasant they look to your eyes, the more positive you are. That is what the hidden mantra of its Beach club at the resort.

The yellow color is more often than not associated with joy and happiness and energy. While the blue denotes depth and stability. The white color is light and knowledge whereas the green is color of life, renewal, nature, and harmony. What more you need to make your life more colorful? So consider having an eco-friendly Beach Club like area back in your home.


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