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Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives has always been one of the best beach destinations in the entire archipelago of the Indian Ocean. There are quite a few reasons that put this luxury getaway in the limelight before long wandering travelers. Of course this Maldives resort has featured the top notch version of beach and overwater accommodation. But slumber and comfort alone can’t satisfy people who possess an adventure-loving, adrenaline-junkie self within. That is why Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives has stunning provisions for mental, bodily, and emotional wellbeing of its guests. Here fun and joy never cease to happen in your way. Every second of your day will be as festive and joyous as it could be. Take a look at four things unique to this other-worldly getaway!

An array of action-packed events

It is all about fun and merrymaking once you are awake and get out of the rapturous atmosphere of your villas. This beach island destination has scattered its thrilling fun moments everywhere across its island and surrounding ocean. You only have to collect them and enrich your experience. 

A wide variety of recreational establishments have been set up at Hideaway Beach island Resort. The water sports center that caters to the ocean-braving people is a prominent one among them. A collection of motorized and noon-motorized water sports, far-ocean cruises, mid-ocean sandbank getaways, and various submarine explorations such as diving and snorkeling will be distributed through its water sports center. Game rooms, public hangout hubs, beach activities for couples and families, and competitive sports all will be staged on the island.

  • Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Events
    Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Events

Transformative holistic mission

More than anything, you will need this! The holistic spa wellness you experience in the Maldives can top any other peace-giving moment in the world. It is literally a session of coaxing you into a realm of otherworldliness. 

Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives has lived up to its reputation while setting up such an elaborated wellness arena for its guests. The Hideaway Spa, the resort’s beachside wellness establishment, has 12 treatment rooms, including those for couples, sandy floors, open areas, spa boutique, relaxing lounges, steam room, and areas for pedicure and manicure. With the support of a soothing marine environment, this spa center is capable of taking you on a wide variety of wellness treatments for your body parts. Guess what? No procedure is limited to a certain part of your self, they can delve deep into your psyche and repair it for good.

  • Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa - Wellness
    Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa - Wellness

Peerless resort facilities

Being one of the top luxury Maldives resorts, Hideaway Beach Resort has really gone out of its way to rig its island with the state-of-the-art guest facilities and resort amenities for its loyal residents. 

Presenting the accurate version of biophilic property development on its island, guests would find each of its establishments neatly in sync with the adorable nature around. The sophistication of luxury will never meddle with the delicacy of nature. Together, they will put up a nice ambience for your getaway on the island of Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives. 

The resort has international eateries, outdoor lounges, recreational hubs, wellness center, watersports center, kids club, swimming pool, conference and banquet facilities, tennis court, games room, Wi-Fi across, airport shuttle, and baby sitting service.

  • Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
    Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa

Exciting resort transfer

A typical Maldives vacation, whether it be couples getaway or family celebration, is supposed to start right from your transfer to the destination. The fun and excitement will never hold themselves back to come upon you until the welcome lounge of the resort. 

Hideaway Beach Island Resort has a unique way of getting you across the Indian Ocean over to its beautiful mid-ocean island. As opposed to normal flight, seaplanes can give you a personal, aerial riding experience, giving you the best views of the landscapes from as high as more than 4000. Since seaplanes have limited seating capacity (less than 10) and two seats on either side of an aisle, passengers are sure to really soak up the bird-eye view from the sky. Such a wonderful extraterrestrial transfer will be what this Maldives resort takes you on in the beginning.

  • Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
    Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Dive Boats


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