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At another WTA fair, Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives is rightly expecting coronation in three prestigious titles such as Maldives Leading Honeymoon Resort 2023, Maldives Leading Beach Resort 2023, and Maldives Leading Luxury Island Resort 2023.

World Travel Awards has always been one of the imdustry-best travel shows where the best performers in the various fields of travel and hospitality receive due recognition and accolades. When another WTA ceremony is about to unfold in 2023, the Maldives is to witness the appreciation for various of its beach resort destinations, especially Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives.

Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives is now in the limelight after getting three prestigious nominations at WTA 2023 in three much coveted categories Maldives Leading Honeymoon Resort 2023, Maldives Leading Beach Resort 2023, and Maldives Leading Luxury Island Resort 2023, cementing its superiority as one of the leading beach resort destinations in the Maldives.

There are quite a few things that helped Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives get on the verge of bagging three high-esteemed appreciations at WTA 2023. Before anything, it is one of the well-formed resorts in the archipelago with a vast white-sand, vegetated island in the middle of the turquoise lagoon of the Indian Ocean.

On the list of excellence comes “The Signature Collection at Hideaway,” which is a string of ultraluxury residences put on the northern portion of the island, getting unmatched privacy from the rest of the villas. Designed for a regal holiday in ultimate bliss, these one-of-a-kind shelters enjoy special previliges that benefit the residents big time.

The diverse dining provisions are another noteworthy aspect of Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives. While various specialty restaurants treat people to a wide range of cuisines, the resort’s customized dining sessions for guests who would like exclusive moments give them not only exquisite made-to-order dishes but also beautiful places to wind down.

How much the resort is rated for two-person celebrations is another factor that made the excellence of Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives all the more conspicuous. The resort has aligned couple-friendly villas both on the shore and off the shore. Couples here would weave moments of romance, adventure, and enlightening, rejuvenation for their honeymoons.

The resort is a remarkably one-for-all destination in the archipelago where all kinds of Maldives visitors will have one hell of a time with nature. Family visitors will love its designated kids club, Tender Hearts Kids Club, where children can enjoy as much as any of its adult guests, learning, adventuring, socializing, and playing. Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives is an impeccable rendezvous for family vacations as well.

Amidst all the bustle and buzz, the resort’s adherence to sustainability and the wellness of nature is a commendable factor in the case of Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives. As an island destination, the resort pays homage to the nature that abounds in miraculous oceanic wonders. These nominations are a recognition of both Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives’s guest facilities and its sustainability.

Now reserving your Maldives vacations and honeymoons at Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives is easy through Travel Connection Maldives. Just a chat is all it takes for you to know the best Maldives packages and prices for your Maldives trips. Travel Connection Maldives is looking forward to flying you over to the Maldives’ idyilc islands and a world of bliss.


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