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A good news for those who have Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa in their mind for their vacation in the Maldives. Hideaway has launched an all-new Golf Center where the highlight shall be the state-of-the-art Golf Simulator (two cabins).

In all respects of hospitality, Hideaway Beach Island Resort in the Maldives always goes overboard to please its guests to an unprecedented amount. We all know about its heavenly accommodation and flawless service already. The resort has all along offered the best forms of entertainment on its island and marine premises.

Now this exclusive beach island resort comes up with another, one of a kind leisure for you; the Golf Simulator that can match a true real-life golfing. First you shall be awe-struck at seeing how all these work; then you will get the hang of it; then you will love it.

Being virtual or a simulator does not at all lose any charm of professional golf experience; but rather fun and interesting with all the use of advanced technology. With faultless sensors that can catch every element of the ball, this Golf Simulator arena shall offer you what it is to be on a beautiful golfing meadow. Only that you don't have to sweat a lot.

This golfing establishment has a reception lounge where you can rest for a while having some coffee before getting on the golf course. Next to it, there are sections for equipment where you can have outfit, gloves, balls, a full range of clubs, and caps. You can go over to the drinks anytime you fancy one.

How it works? If you are hearing the phrase 'golf simulator' for the first time, we can explain how it goes. Right inside the building, you will stand facing a big screen that displays a 180 degree view of a golf range where you are going to hit your ball virtually. The screen has sensors that when you strike the ball onto the screen, the sensors can read the flying dimension, speed and power of the shot from the impact the ball makes on the screen.

Then you shall witness on the screen how your shot could actually go if it were on a real golf range. You can watch on the screen the virtual representative of your ball flying over the trees and puddles. Beside, there is a small track of couple feet distance for finishing your ball into the hole which is almost real-life. Your friends or spouse can sit behind you on the couch watching your performance. The golf instructor can check in on you for having the proper experience.

No matter you are a golf-pro or a beginner, you sure will love this Golf Simulator at Hideaway Beach Resort. Rather it is a new experience and new understanding of how technology can interweave itself with each of our sporting varieties. Players don't have to strain while getting the same fun is the key feature of the Golf Simulator at Hideaway. In essence you are not just vacationing in the Maldives, but you are going on a sporting-tour of all manner.

On the side note, there is a suitable putting green nearby and Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is going to have a real golf beside the current Hideaway Golf Center by festive season this year. This upcoming golf shall be a-hole putting golf. This putting green shall do double duty as venue for your relaxing and other forms of games and training.

At the golf center, your family can enter with you and enjoy your session. Professional coaching and training shall be given by Mr. Daniel Joubert, resort's own in-house Golf Pro, who has been born to golf. He has a good command over golfing and a PGA Diploma in Golf. He shall further look at your moves from replays to coach you on swings and placement.

Don't give it a second thought! Let Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives be your Maldives destination for your summer.


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