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The 2023 year-end is to witness an impactful debut on the archipelago when Ifuru Island Maldives unveils itself in September 2023 in Raa Atoll, “promising an unexpected and luxurious experience.” With four pillars, viz. Social, Fun, Lifestyle, and Great Value, at its core, Ifuru Island Maldives is sure to present a one-of-a-kind tropical sanctuary before globetrotters that fulfills even remote fantasies of adventure and romance.

Set on a privately owned natural coral island in a least-touched portion of the atoll, Ifuru Island Maldives will be a brand-new five-star beach resort with all ingredients for a nature-chic yet extravagant tropical getaway for all kinds of travelers. Staying true to the noble Maldivian principles of island tourism, this newly opening Maldives resort also will be impeccably incorporating sophistication into the delicacy of nature, ensuring sustainability.

Ifuru island is one of the popular private islands in the Maldives with a landstrip that is enclosed by pleasant flora. Its exceptional land features coupled with a bounty of natural beauties always stuck the island in the spotlight. It has a sharply-drawn white shore, dense vegetation, and a large encompassing submarine reef, effecting azure water around. The Ifuru island has set aside half of its island for guest shelter.

147 beach suites and villas make up top-notch accommodations at Ifuru Island Maldives. Fronting onto the sunset horizon, each abode will be the best place under the sky to soak up the beauty of tropical sunset. Wrapped in the thick layer of greenery, each villa offers unmatched privacy for the guests along with direct access to the oceanfront. Ifuru Island Maldives has considered both couples and family visitors by setting up villas with one and two bedrooms.

Ifuru Island Maldives has gone the extra mile in terms of culinary provisions with six exquisite dining establishments and bars. Introducing various celebrated global cuisines and dishes, these eatery-cum social hubs will be “redefining luxury in the Maldives.” Subscribing to its premium all-inclusive packages for your Maldives honeymoons and family holidays will be a flawless decision to make the most out of your Maldives visit.

Destination wedding will be one of the celebrated social events at Ifuru Island Maldives. Its breathtaking setting rightly fits for a dreamful union of couples. The resort concierge can offer various wedding amenities for you such as venue decoration, coordinator, wedding cake, photoshoot, and more. You know what?

For bookings of seven nights, the wedding package is totally free at Ifuru Island Maldives; all you need to do is just celebrate a few days of honeymoon on this beautiful island.

To mention some of its guest facilities, the resort has a kids club, named Coconut Kids Club, a fully-fledged gym center, a tennis court, Xanadu Spa, a recreation center, and a watersports center. No doubt, your celebrations of togetherness will hit zeniths of satisfaction at Ifuru Island Maldives, a mid-ocean haven designed for delight.

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