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Putting a stop to our much-eagerly wait, Joali Being Maldives is finally scheduled to open in the Maldives in late 2021.

Promising the best of hospitality, Joali Being offers the perfect mode of personalized accommodation that would be a blend of regal sheltering and endless merry-making. In addition to a lavish collection of beach and over-water villas, the Joali Being features the-first-of-its-kind wellness program, places for gathering, international culinary hubs and establishments for recreation like water sports center and game centers.

The entire resort floor-plan has been carved using Biophilic design which is a scientific system merging nature with the architecture; otherwise a sustained luxury.

Being the only nature-immersive well-being island retreat in the Maldives, the opening of Joali Being is so important to wellness-discerning guests all around the world.

Here we would like to introduce you some key aspects of Joali Being and its well-renowned wellness program.

Where Located & How to Reach Joali Being?

Perched on a calm and isolated island, Bodufushi, in scenic Raa atoll, Joali Being is 171 Kilometres away from Velana International Airport in Male'. The resort shall be offering 40-minute complimentary seaplane journey right onto the welcome lounge of the resort in addition to the option of private transfe.

Quite typical of a Maldives natural island, the Joali Being's island has moderate amount of tropical greenery and white sandy pristine shores all surrounded by crystalline lagoon water.

68 Overwater & Beach Villas in 11 Categories

A stunning choice of 68 villas are awaiting guests at this distinctive well-being retreat. While 34 of them are aligned along the beach stashed inside the greenery with its own private sandy courtyard, the rest of them are positioned on stilts over the bio-luminescent lagoon with private deck portion that can offer direct access to the water beneath.

There are eleven residence categories to choose from; with one, two, three or four bedrooms. Each villa shall be stuffed with best available modern gadgets and amenities  that shall enhance your experience here; private pool, mini-bar, musical instruments, and complimentary bathing amenities. There would be a personal butler assigned with each unit to take care of its guests round the clock. On top of all, no matter how sumptuous your shelter is, it would be in perfect sync with nature outside.

Seven Restaurants & Destination Dining

Moving on to the gastronomy, Joali Being presents seven international eateries accompanied with the benefits of mesmerizing location and views. In addition to fine dining, the resort also offers destination dining that shall help you have fully personalized mode of dining just wherever you want it to be.

Here dishes are meant to just not taste buds of your tongue, but the entire body. The flawless recipes and cuisines are such made use of that shall ensure necessary nutrition. Culinary arts at Joali Being has been modeled on Earth-to Table principles ensuring healthy dishes made with fresh and locally cultivated produce.

Each eatery shall have different kinds of cuisines that too change its theme at certain intervals. Interactive cooking classes and recipe sharing are among a few activities the restaurants alone arrange.

The First-of-Its-Kind Nature Immersive well-being At Joali Being

A few words about its biggest promise, the spa arena! With the utmost guest well-being as its goal, through its revolutionary wellness program, Joali Being furnish the island with a collection of transformative spaces that with the help of first-class spa facilities will take its guests through various healing, refreshing and rejuvenating experiences.

The skilled therapists prescribe you the most suitable treatment for your body after some interactive questions. Then they have this mysterious techniques of soothing to plunge you into the oasis of tranquility. The treatments shall be a judicious mixture of ancient knowledge and modern science aimed towards the the Four Pillars of Well-being – Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy.

The spa provision in all have adequate number of treatment rooms with spectacular ocean views, a spacious relaxation lounge placed amidst the lush garden, a spa healing garden, a Hydrotherapy hall, a Sound therapy hall and a herbology center.


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