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Joali Being Maldives truly deserves the title as 'one and only nature immersive well-being island retreat of its kind in the Maldives' when the resort add these futuristic wellness methods such as Sound Therapy and Breath-work to its healing provisions.

This is the time when the concept of hospitality more drifts from sumptuousness to tranquility. For that reason, the world of luxury sheltering seek the help of such soothing experiences for travelers. How can Joali Being, one of the stunning beach island resorts in the Maldives, not offer the best for its loyal guests?

The system of wellness at Joali Being Maldives revolves around four Pillars, namely Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. Here the guests who are in pursuit of tranquility course through a wide variety of signature Immersion Programs to the destination of 'weightlessness', which is the ultimate end of repose and rapture.

Sound Therapy and Breath-work are some of a few latest and globally popular well-being techniques. It is a highly customized session that incorporated wellness music and instruments into the session. Our mind is so sensitive; especially to music. The magical power of fine notes can do magic with your disoriented psyche when played with a knack.

Joali Being offers the purest form of Sound Therapy with two distinct venues with admirable environments. The Sound Therapy Hall, the first of two, comes with a beautiful space that perfectly goes with the charm of the music played on. We all know the luring quality of the atmosphere is an important part of such therapies. Discovery Sound Path, the other one, has an al-fresco sound therapy oasis surrounded by palm trees. Over nine set of instruments brings out that mesmerizing musical ambiance here.

Breath-work can match yoga in many respects, but consists of something more than that. Just like the name suggests, this therapy is all about inhaling and exhaling in an ideal manner. Although we do it involuntarily, our respiratory system needs special attention. The way we breathe can have an impact on our inner and outer health. Quite probably you might have been advised by your friends to take a deep breath when you are uncontrollably service.

With special focus on the inhaling and exhaling process of guests, the Breath-work session of Joali Being in the Maldives aims at doing away with stress and anxiety, and improving concentration and focus. The Breath-work session at JOALI BEING shall take place at the Ocean Sala where turquoise ocean environment coupled with its magical humming shall improve the breathing experience. Take in the positive and give out the negative.


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