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Travel Connection Maldives, the leading tour operator in the Maldives, has been seeing its sincere efforts and contributions in the field of Maldives beach island tourism paying off when more and more dominant beach resorts in the Maldives are coming forward to publicly acknowledge and appreciate this Maldives tour operator for its immense contribution in gathering visitors from all around the world, with the last instance being Lily Hotels.

Lily Hotels, being the last example, was quite happy and content to present its Plaque of Recognition to Travel Connection Maldives in recognition of, just as the Lily Hotels itself put it, 'your amazing performance that resulted in you being one of the top sellers for Lily Hotels in 2021.' The plaque was handed over to TCM’s representative by Desislav Gospodinov, the group director of sales and marketing of Lily Hotels, on June 30th, 2022.

Mohammed Mirsaad, the CEO to Travel Connection Maldives, has aptly remarked that he and his firm would stay the same top seller in the upcoming years as well because hotels of Lily Hotels have always been on its top priority list for their impeccable service, world class hospitality, and state-of-the-art guest facilities. As a matter of fact, not only Lily Hotels' properties, but all Maldives beach destinations that give the best experience for its guests have the unbiased support from the TCM.

At present, Lily Hotels, the renowned hospitality group in the Maldives, has been running two top luxury beach resorts in the Maldives: Hideaway Beach Resort in Haa Alifu Atoll and Lily Beach Resort Maldives in Ari Atoll. Being the five-star luxury havens, both hotels present beach and overwater accommodation, international dining venues, unique recreational establishments and beach and aquatic fun moments on their islands where people of any age and nature are welcomed.

Just a quick peek at the resort amenities of both Hideaway Beach Resort and Lily Beach Resort Maldives will easily justify why they made it to the 'Best Maldives Resorts List' of Travel Connection Maldives. Both of them have bagged several awards and acclaim for their brilliant display of service so far. Spectacular marine environments and peaceful and romantic mid-ocean existence really mesmerize their guests beyond limits here.

The whole spectrum of the beach island tourism of the Maldives firmly believes that there are varied reasons behind how the TCM soared to this position of influencing the tourism sector of the Maldives to such an extent that the company flies most number of tourists to its archipelagic destinations, the company singlehandedly presents at various international travel fairs, and TCM unofficially represents the country, Maldives, itself at various travel summits.

First and foremost, its dedication and adherence to its noble ethics! The Travel Connection Maldives has always been true to its motto, 'only the best goes to customers'. This adamant stand has helped the Maldives tour operator win the heart of all Maldives lovers. Needless to say, as a business entity, the TCM has been maintaining Its unshakeable rapport with all beach destinations in the Maldives regardless of variation in luxury. No wonder the TCM has been giving the best-in-the-market Maldives resort packages!

This award from Lily Resorts can never be the last in the series. The Travel Connection Maldives is bound to bag more and more accolades down the road because of its relentless attempts for improving itself continuing at the same rate.

How can you benefit from this piece of news? Well, now you know who is the best travel group for you to team up with for making your much-awaited Maldives visit real. The Travel Connection Maldives is in the best position to give you the best Maldives packages and deals for your honeymoon, family holidays, and beach weddings better than anyone else.


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