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Let's us begin sincerely stating that your safety has always been our first priority! The uncertainty in all sectors of living and leisure caused by Coronavirus (COVID 19) is not confined to a single nation or continent, but the whole world is facing the newly-emerged emergency. Especially the travel and tourism industry, in which people from all continents mingle, have comparatively more concerns about taking a vacation or holiday in the near future.

As an authentic travel advisor of Maldives, here we would like to disclose to you all you need to know about the current situation of the Maldives during this pandemic. And we are happily obliged to do that! Many of you shall have your Maldives visit reserved or planned during these months of the Corona outbreak! What about them? In what circumstances you can enter the Maldives now? Whether the Maldives has announced a total lockdown on the private island tourism? What are the safety measures taken against the spread? Read about traveling to the Maldives during Covid19 - Corona Virus!

Credits go to its appreciable safety measures especially countrywide in the light of Corona pandemic, the Maldives is one of the least affected countries around the world during the pandemic novel Coronavirus time even though the country used to be frequented by hoards of visitors all the time. Which means, the nation used to be safe and shall try to remain the safest at any cost.

The blog has been written on the 31st of March and only included the occurrence prior to the date. Read and discuss your thoughts and concerns in the messages. ALSO, WASH YOUR HANDS ALWAYS!

Countries That Have No Access To Maldives At Present?

The Maldives government has denied access to certain countries where the Corona (Covid19) outbreak is on an increased scale and community spreading has been reported for the sake of humanity and the joint venture of suppressing this bitter contagion. The ban comes in effect in a chronological order starting from February 4th, as per the reports from WHO.

The countries are China, Iran, Italy, parts of South Korea, Certain regions of France and Germany, Spain, the UK, the USA, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. All cruise ships as well have been imposed with a temporary ban on entering and docking in the Maldives.

Passengers originating from, transiting to or with a travel history of abovesaid countries shall not be permitted into the Maldives. But Maldivians and their spouses of foreign origin will be allowed in but may be subject to quarantine safety measures.

How Maldives Differs & Manages To Stay Safe In Its Fight Against Corona virus

Allowing no room for a critical situation, the Maldivian government has tried to suppress the ailment at the very beginning by strictly applying the safety measures at the airport. That's why the country still remains safe with a small digit of positive cases and a high percentage of recovering ratio even though the country has plenty of foreigns traversing its streets and islands. Praiseworthy regulations have been implemented on locals as well with a curtailment on public ferry transportation.

Locals coming from abroad or with symptoms has to undergo a strict quarantine policy that shall entertain no carelessness or irresponsibility. As a plus point, since the country is dispersed in several islands and the population is already in natural isolation, the spreading is easy to curb.

The Quarantine & Regulations On Locals In The Country

As advised by WHO there is entry screening for all international tourists and Maldivian citizens arriving in the Maldives on international flights. Guests will be screened for temperature upon entry and all arrivals will be asked to complete a health declaration card as part of the standard immigration process.

Maldivians arriving from any country will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine once they landed in the Maldives. The government has already advised the citizens against taking trips to countries where Corona has influence.

The government has even set up a COVID-19 clinic on March 11th for migrant workers on Hulhumale island, near the capital, Malé, that shall not demand their work permits or other documentation.

Safety Measures Applied In The Maldives During Corona Virus Pandemic?

  • The Maldives won't be carrying out the Visa-on-arrival system from 27th March onwards until further notification. The suspension is applicable to those coming by both air and sea.
  • Entry to the country shall be deprived for anyone regardless of nationality if they have the above-mentioned countries as their place of embarkation or have transited through them within 14 days of arrival. All direct inbound flights from these destinations are restricted at present.
  • At the airport, all passengers coming in, no matter foreigner or Maldives citizens, shall have to mandatorily go through entry screening prescribed WHO including temperature checking. Filling up a health declaration cards shall be required as part of the immigration process.
  • Tourists shall not be checking into any of the hotels or guesthouses in the city islands, Male, Hulhumale, and Villingili. Guests that have accessed prior to the notification can stay the whole duration.
  • Hopping to the local island is also restricted for tourists staying at private island resorts. Various local islands, Ukulhas, Thoddoo, AA Maalhos, Dhigurah, and Omadhoo, have already brought about self-protecting regulations.
  • Ban on all sorts of excursions and leisure activities has been in effect from 23rd March onwards and shall last until further notice.


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