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To the joy of global travel trotters who had to hunker down for roughly two years, we do the honors of breaking to you the much-awaited news from the Maldives; finally Maldives has lifted the public health emergency through the whole country and nullified any remaining travel restrictions to the country. Now Maldives is all yours and it gives you full access to its tourist resources in its entirety.

Ibrahim Mohamed Salih, the president of the country, announced on Sunday, March 13th, evening, the government's decision to lift the state of public health emergency which was in effect right from the start of Covid-19 pandemic. The decision comes after a detailed consultation with the health wing of the country. The lifting of the emergency comes strictly after two years of its implementation back on March 12, 2020.

When the Maldives becomes one of few countries in the world who could safely reopen their airspace and boundaries before the travelers and lift health emergencies, while majority of global countries are still struggling with the pandemic, there are a few things to we need to remember and acknowledge in connection to the country's journey to being a 'free' country.

Ever since the pandemic hit the Maldives, the rulers were on high alert to implement timely travel restrictions, public space protocols, and other emergency regulations. Equal share of the credit goes to the Maldives' private island beach properties who showed the same devotion to the cause by setting up a wide variety of Covid-free campaigns and following strict covid regulations. Finally everything paid off.

Maldives has always been a country committed to its locals and tourists alike. For the same reason the country has decided to follow some mild yet effective measures to keep watch on any more spread of the virus, although it is highly unlikely to happen. As a result, the ministry would come up with a national strategy and plan for the future years, not only for the Covid pandemic but all sorts of infectious diseases. Could a country be more precautious?

Although no emergency is in effect from now on, as part of practicing a better lifestyle, the people of the country are encouraged to follow a bit of what they practiced in the past two years. Though masks are no longer mandatory, people with symptoms are recommended to wear one while taking public transportation or going to indoor events.

By virtue of the lifting of the emergency, tourists are getting complete relaxation for traveling to the Maldives. With this, the country has repealed the last bit of restrictions inflicted following the pandemic outbreak. Now all nationalities, workers or tourists, can, regardless of Vaccination status, enter the Maldives without presenting a no-covid test proof.

The success of the Maldives in fighting off the Covid pandemic has something to do with how much it cares for its beach island tourism which is the crucial contributor to its economy. For a prolonged period, the travel-prone people had to postpone their trips to the Maldives because of the uncertainty aired after the pandemic. Even after the considerable travel relaxation the country had announced recently, tourists were still in dismay not knowing clearly about the travel regulations the Maldives then observed.

Now, it is officially established that the Maldives and beach island tourism is back to its real existence. Tourists from any country don't need no-covid certificate or pre-arrival Visa to visit Maldives. They could come here as they would.

Maldives is welcoming you to a world of peace, happiness, and fun. Over one hundred of private island properties with varied luxury categories are set up in the comfort of the majestic Indian Ocean. All kinds of celebrations like honeymoon, family holiday, business meet, group getaway, are best enjoyed at Maldives resorts.

With all the uncertainty over, you are more than welcome to the Maldives. We have the best Maldives resort packages and plans to get you over here. In case you need any professional travel guidance, travel tips or phone call, contact the best tour operator in the Maldives.


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