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No pandemic could hold back Maldives from becoming one of the 50 countries to travel in 2022, credits go to the country’s private island properties who rose up to the occasion and diverged a period of stagnation to their own advantages.

Since the world is just out of the two years of paranoia left by Covid pandemic, global-trotters and travel-prone people are eager to fly and make their getaway to de-stress. But the problem is that they don’t know where to go. Whether the travel restrictions still in effect or the country is still under the clutches of the virus? But Maldives can....

This new list of 50 top countries has been prepared in terms of not just the hospitality and luxury they are giving out, but the safety and peace of mind that a person can feel going and staying there. These countries were quite successful in tackling the pandemic and rolling with the punches with the variants of the virus.

Maldives’ efforts and strategies to fight against the pandemic were praiseworthy and exemplary. Ever since the trace of it in the atolls, the country made use of the isolated existence of the atolls and islands to better ..


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