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Undoubtedly, irrespective of any difference in nationality and culture, Maldives has been the best honeymoon and holiday destination around the world for the past couple few years. Heeding to the statistics, Maldives tourism is going to take a further leap ahead of time by planning to accentuate the much-sought-after concept of Halal Tourism with a view to encouraging a large number of visitors from the middle east. Putting it clear, the nation is looking forward to opening two Muslim friendly resorts on its private islands developing an islandful Islamic-friendly tourist facilities.

Middle East countries are truly potential contributors to the Maldives tourism industry with the number of visitors increasing every year by a good margin. Even though all the private island resorts in the Maldives would provide Muslim friendly amenities to an extent, this kind of solid innovation would be a brand new strategy to be executed.

Concept of Halal Resorts in Maldives!

Records show that Maldives tourism is highly benefitting from the middle east travelers for the past few years. More than fifty thousand people from the Arab region have visited the country in the past year of 2018, and an increment of nearly 15 percent in growth has already been registered considering the statistics to date in 2019 with relation to the same calendar period of yesteryear. Even then, the country would not have any wholly-dedicated Arab-friendly property so far in its archipelago. Anyway, the newly strategic action plan by the ministry would undermine everything, marking a new phase and another perspective for the Maldives luxury tourism.

There had been initiatives to promote this idea even before but did bore no fruit. The Group of ADK, a local company in the Maldives, had attempted earlier to develop Halal resort on the private island, Gaakoshibee, in the northern Shaviyani atoll. Likewise, later in 2016, there had been an attempt from the part of Maldives Centre for Islamic Finance (MCIF) who devised concepts to develop such one but fell through.

Finally, credits go to Maldives Tourism Ministry, the nation's Strategic Action Plan for 2019-2023 is all set to materialize one in the country. By the end of 2020, the necessary policies and rules and regulations are expected to come out under the joint discussion by nation’s Tourism Ministry, Islamic Ministry and the Attorneys General Office. The ministry concerned with would initiate to work with the Economic Ministry both to come with Sharia-based finance schemes and to attract investors. Hopefully, the Tourism Ministry would find suitable islands for the concept and soon to start the work.

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    Maldives Resorts Villa
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    Maldives Resort in Private Island

Expected Facilities at Up-coming Halal Resorts!

Tourism Ministry of Maldives assuring the best of Halal and Muslim-friendly entities, the propositioned Halal Resorts sure would feature islandful amenities and facilities that would consider all the Halal aspects of the Islamic way of life. The resorts would be located on its own private islands amidst the Indian Ocean and will have both ocean-front beach villas and overwater ocean suites perfect for both couples and families. The supreme and faultless privacy and seclusion for the guests would be one of the highlights here. Resorts would take measures to avoid unnecessary mingling between the guests in public places like beaches and entertainment arenas if most of them feel like so.

The resorts would set up the facilities for performing your daily worship of god - Salah five times a day. It is more likely there might be a comfortable place for your worship, the mosque. Both women and men get the proper items of clothing for the prayer like 'Hijab and Niqab'. Guests would be informed about the Maldives' time for performing each time's prostration. You shall expect a sublime experience of prayer getting the opportunity to perform your offering on all the neat beach areas on the island. The arrangement would be done for Fridays' grand Jumuha Salahs with 'Khateeb' and compulsory forty participants shall be made up from the guests and resort staff; for that purpose, the property would most likely have all-Muslim staffs.

At spas, there would be both male and female therapists and would only attend the same-sex guests in order to take care of the principles of 'Haram'. Guests of both genders won't be allowed to wear bikinis or short-dressed variants in public places like beaches and water sports and entertainment occasions. Appropriate and comfortable clothing shall be provided by the resort for water sports and indoor & outdoor activities on the island. Most likely there would be separate sections for both men and women. Most importantly, all your dining experience would be made of Halal foods and makings. Meats varieties would be butchered in the name of god by Muslim chefs.

How Halal Resorts Benefit Both Muslims & Other Visitors!

Who would not like utmost privacy and seclusion for their honeymoon and couple celebration getting private occasions and exclusive treatment for each moment in the Maldives with access to all the fun amenities at the same time? It would only make your stay even more royal and elegant. Considering the expected facilities and amenities at propositioned Maldives Halal resorts, things are gonna be perfectly desirable for all sorts of travelers, no matter middle east or westerners or southeast, who would like to experience unique Maldives resort life coupled with personalization. 

Currently, it is not clear the two propositioned Muslim-friendly resort would approve of non-muslims as well. But hopefully, it would be fine if they can get along with the Islamic principles that are easy to care than breach. Most probably, it would only require from them not to wear bikinis and swim-suites in public places; the rest is the same. Halal foods and Islamic way of cuisine would be more fun and attractive and it would be more entertaining to westerners as well; since Halal cuisine does not mean any exclusion of wow factors, but only the inclusion of neatness. Only that liquor and alcoholic items would not be served inside. Plus, Arabian foods are all the rage worldwide. By choosing to stay at one of these Halal resorts, it would be like the combination of vacations both in the Middle East and the Maldives.


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