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Another season of World Travel Awards is around the corner, and Maldives is all set to proves its mettle as always.

The Maldives has been deservedly nominated in 10 prestigious Indian Ocean Categories at the World Travel Awards for 2021 which would be its 28th edition. This award ceremony is deemed to be one of the reputable occasions conducted internationally that recognizes the most deserving groups in global travel trade and tourism industry. Here even simply getting your name mentioned can mean a lot.

WTA goes on a systematic global tour annually conducting separate Gala ceremonies for each divisions of the world, namely, African Gala, Indian Ocean Gala, Europe Gala, Asia Gala, Oceania Gala, Middle East Gala, Caribbean Gala, North America Gala, and Latin America Gala. Collectively the WTA make up various distinct award categories adequate to examine all sorts of hospitality and tourism.

Once these Gala ceremonies took place, the grand award ceremony shall take place where the winners of the regional Gala ceremonies take on each other. The Grand Gala Ceremony of World Travel Awards for 2021 shall take place in Moscow, Russia on November 26th.

If you are new to WTA, read on to get a clear picture of this event. Also, you can vote for your 'candidate' at the following links.

Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony 2021; 55 Days To Go!

The Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony is where Maldives compete. This year the ceremony shall take place in Dubai on October 4th. The winners shall move forward to global level to compete head-on with the winners from other regional galas. Starting off with a cocktail reception after sundown, the occasion shall draw to a close after reception and award ceremony.

These are the ten award categories the Maldives has been nominated;

  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Cruise Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Dive Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Green Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Tourist Board 2021: Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Wedding Destination 2021
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2021

In addition to WTA, Maldives has also been nominated at the World Cruise Awards 2021, the sister event of World Travel Awards which will reward the performance in the global cruise sector, conducted annually. The category is titled;

  • Indian Ocean's Best Cruise Destination 2021.

How To Vote For Your Favorite?

World Travel Awards is all the more worthwhile since winners are decided by the most-discerning global trotters around the world who rightly assess the excellence of the candidates. This is an open combat where no room is for bias.

Voting for the Indian Ocean categories is now open and lasts until midnight on September 1st whereas voting for World Cruise Awards is possible only until midnight on August 31st. Candidates obtaining more votes shall be announced victorious. Fans can register their pick here;

Click here to vote on Indian ocean categories!

Click here to vote on Best Cruise Destination!

A Few Words About World Travel Awards!

Acknowledged as the top-most travel honor across the globe, it was in 1993 that World Travel Awards was formally established with a view to identify and reward the best performing groups and entities in all sectors of tourism and hospitality all around the world. This is the perfect opportunity and occasion for those businesses who desire to seek new boundaries, expand their brand publicity, and maximize the exposure worldwide by connecting with the giants in the travel and tourism industry.


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