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The tension and all the uncertainty aside, here comes the big news for the most discernible global trotters! Maldives is going to be one of the travel destinations around the world that are first going to be fully functional after the cessation of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Thanks to its timely safeguards, the official wings of the country finally announced that the Maldives and its beach island resort tourism shall open in early July this year.

Once the pandemic spread across the world, it was the industry of travel and tourism that got affected in the first place from its wake. The major concern was around the resurrection of worldwide tourism which is substantial to the stabilization of the global economy.

When shall the Maldives start to receive tourists again? When Velana International Airport shall have flights landing again? Since the Maldives plays a pivotal role in South Asian hospitality, the queries were in plenty. But it was as clear as daylight, the country shall soon be back in session due to the fact that the Maldives executed proper lockdowns and social distancing which resulted in easy redemption from the situation. Especially how can it stay back, when the whole country is eagerly waiting to explore its white sand beaches and lagoons?

Many of you shall have your Maldives holidays reserved for this time period. We understand your worries about your vacations. The Maldives make reparations for everything. You shall have your vacations scheduled for a later date or have your money back. Hopefully, this piece of information shall pour some solace to your heart. Anyways, this archipelago is waving at you again with increased pleasure and energy. All we need some peace and harmony to get over the memory of Corona virus. We hope you shall find harmony and happiness in the Maldives. Welcome!

You can read more about the Maldives during Corona's time in our blog.

No More Fear For Corona, Re-Opening Ensures 100% Safety At Resorts In Maldives

Let us plainly state that once the pandemic got serious world across, the Maldives had sprung to the defense to nip it in the bud. The secluded and far away existence of our private island resorts had been literally a blessing to prevent even the tiniest chance of the infection. Plus, Maldives had rejected the entry for the citizens from the countries where the virus toll was heavy and beyond control in order not to receive the disease over the board.

In all beach resorts in the Maldives, the medical wing is so vigilant to trace any abnormality in our guests. It was a praiseworthy move from the part of the resorts that during the lockdowns not only did not they take anyone in, but also they did not let anyone out immediately after their reserved period. That has certainly helped our loyal travelers. So far only two resorts had been reported with the presence of Corona; that are already control now.

Now everything is normal. In order not to give room for the slightest concern, all Maldives resorts shall have procedures to make itself virus-free. The bleach and disinfectant mix shall be sprayed across the islands many times and the villas and restaurants shall go under strict hygiene processed at prolonged intervals. The medical section shall be fortified and the check-up shall be carried out with more vigor.

The Bright Side Of Taking Maldives Tour After Re-Opening In Early July

For those who would like to travel the world, it is a golden opportunity to come. It is a state of global recession as you know. Only travel and tourism shall help the situation. So everything required to boost them is sure to be implemented worldwide. Stimulus packages and easiness shall be effected for the comfort of travelers. This is going to be pretty much sure with the Maldives as well. You are getting to have stunning offers and discounts even from the top luxurious Maldives resorts and hotels.

Complimentary upgrades on accommodations and meal plans and reduced cost for booking packages shall be the main aspects of taking a Maldives honeymoon or family holiday vacation immediately after July this year when the Maldives resorts and tourism industry is scheduled to open. Flight tickets seem to depend! But the Maldives is going to offer you its best to win its loyal clients from all over the world. Stay tuned, we can get you more happy news like this!


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