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Shipwrecks are always enchanting for deep-ocean explorers for mainly three reasons: they are mystic, they are a look-back at history, and they are stunning habitats of aquatic species. Such shipwrecks in the Maldives take on extra charm because of the colorful underwater world of the Maldivian archipelago they crashed in.

Mirihi Island Resort Maldives is one of the few Maldives beach resorts that enjoy close proximity to such wrecks. Since the majority of Maldives visitors are so into aquatic fun and diving, having a shipwreck at their disposal is a great advantage to these private island resorts where the marine regions could be no better with sparkling lagoons and sporadic sandbars.

Mirihi Island Maldives Resort has stashed its shipwreck, the Madige, just 50 meters off its clam-scattered white beach. It was a remarkable vessel that lived a successful career on the Indian Ocean shipping goods within the Maldives. It was in September 2000 that the Madige got scuttled near the island of Mirihi Maldives Island Resort. Now, termed a "Mirihi Wreck," the Madige rests in peace at a depth of 28 meters on the sandy sea floor.

As was wished, a stunning ecosystem formed around the Madige shipwreck of Mirihi Island Resort Maldives. It would not be a hyperbole to say that this shipwreck could even top a coral garden with the same amount of ecosystem. The mystic inner hollow places of Mirihi Wreck still treasure something the divers are yet to find out. The whole ship has been taken up by colorful spongestunicates, and corals while the tiger cowries made their home under the hull. The sight of tiger cowries preying at night is a fun thing to behold.

Whereas the batfish float around the bow welcoming underwater explorers without any murmur, the goatfish tend to reign at the bottom of the wreck, supervising the sand stretch. But juvenile blue-fin and banded trevallies have a mind of owning the wreck to themselves. Various aquatic species of the tropical ocean have their own niche in the Madige shipwreck. That disapproving look of Durban dancing shrimps and banded boxer shrimps while you invade their colony near the broken railings will really get you laughing. You would be forgiven to think that the Madige wreck runs its own universe just 28 meters down the ocean surface.

It is like these species throw a party at night around the Mirihi Wreck. That is when many other vivid residents come out of their hiding to show their faces. Neon orange Faulkner’s corals find this auspicious time to feed using its beautiful tentacles. But some red bass plays foul and use the occasion to fill up the belly by preying on small fishes and crustaceans. They must be worried if any diver finds this out, much to their shame!

The Madige, the Mirihi Maldives’s shipwreck, has attracted several strange visitors as well on its underwater mission. Sometimes the resident white-tip reef sharks or a visiting Jenkins whip ray find it comforting to take a nap at the keel of the Madige. Once, a snoozing giant porcupine sting ray or a guitarfish living in the area was found snoring at the bottom. In a series of afternoons, 15 nurse sharks would cross paths with a few divers who came near the shipwreck. Most recently a school of cheeked pipefish babies has been found on the bow of the ship.

The Madige shipwreck is unique in terms of its underwater existence as well. Unlike other ships which were crashed into the sea halfway through their mission, Madige is a happily "deposited" one onto the ocean bed of the Indian Ocean only for the entertainment purpose of the divers and other underwater visitors. That way, the people who take a plunge near the Madige can happily roam around it without a tinge of regret over its plight.

Giving you a short description of Mirihi Island Resort Maldives, it's a fantabulous private island resort in South Ari Atoll, approximately 102 Kilometres away from the capital, Male'. Known for its unique off-the-beach recreations and nature-chic accommodation, this four-star Maldives resort has always been the priority of Maldives visitors who look for budget-friendly Maldives packages for honeymoon and family holidays. 38 villas stashed in the most pristine environments, international eateries, spa wellness center, water sports, dive center, and BBQ facilities are featured for offering its guests the true experience of a mid-ocean tropical getaway.

Allowing your adventure-loving self a bit of fun is all up to you. Travel Connection Maldives, Maldives’ leading travel company, has attractive Maldives vacation packages to show you around Mirihi Island Resort Maldives and its popular underwater shipwreck, the Madige. All you need to do is just text or call us!

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