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Oaga Art Resort Maldives, a brand new five-star beach resort in the North Male' Atoll, will be opened before the world in November 2022. Here, the real art and creativity will team up with the blissful nature of the Maldives.

One more top-notch destination is joining the much-renowned Maldivian nature-chic beach island tourism in November 2022 when Oaga Art Resort begins to embrace guests in the last quarter of 2022.

Located on its own private island in North Male Atoll, Oaga Art Resort is launching with quite a few innovative strategies in terms of property development and hospitality. Boasting of a stupendous marine environment, the island Maaranfushi of Oagra Art Resort is one of five newly reclaimed islands at Maadhunifaru Lagoon.

Giving you a brief account of the resort facilities at Oaga Art Resort Maldives, this five star beach resort is all set to be generous with amenities and recreations for the guests. Besides the unique "art feast" that the resort keeps as secret, Oaga Maldives Maaranfushi has updated forms of accommodation and provisions.

Offering the most of nature-immersed sheltering, Oaga Maldives Resort Maaranfushi has promised 60 mind-blowing villas put in diverse neighborhoods. Some of them will be studded across the white sand shore inside the leafy alcoves whereas quite a few of them are stacked above the lagoon accessible via a wooden pier from the shore.

Typical of a Maldives beach resorts, Oaga Art Resort too has a healing venue for doling out a wide range of traditional wellness methods for anyone who has their inner psyche off the rails for a prolonged time. The waterfront location with a nice panoramic view of the ocean, various couples treatment rooms, personalized spa packages, and yoga meditation will be the highlights at Oaga Spa.

Water sports and dive center, game rooms, public hangouts, and game courts have been nicely scattered amidst the tropical flora, across the island, so that any second of your stay, except for slumber and eating, will be unforgettable moments of merry-making. Local and visiting artists will be visiting the island on a regular basis to showcase the nuances of Maldivian art and culture.

Stay tuned, we will get you more updates about Oaga Art Resort Maldives and its early-bird offers.

Oaga Art Resort Maldives - Expected Opening Date November 2022

Quick Takeaway About Oaga Art Resort Maldives

  • The resort is located in the North Male Atoll.
  • Distance from Male’ is 50 Kilometers.
  • Mode of resort transfer will be speedboat.
  • The resort has a total of 60 beach and overwater villas.
  • There is a beachside spa and a water sport and dive center.
  • Four international eateries will satiate your appetite.


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