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Undoubtedly, it is in the best interest of admirers of nature-chic luxury around the world that the Maldives allowed such a magnificent island for the development of a beach island resort under the name, Patina Maldives Fari Islands. Cutting a network of 110 adorable beach and overwater villas on and off the island with a one-of-a-kind property development strategy, Patina Maldives Fari Islands is a true credit to the Maldives itself. One aerial glimpse of the island is all it takes for you to fall in eternal love with this Maldives beach island resort where sheltering has been the best in the Maldives. This blog will tell you 7 pieces of justification for why the villas of Patina Maldives Fari Islands are worthy of being your next dream abodes in the Maldives.

Outstanding beach and overwater housing.

The Maldives is synonymous with "living in nature, for nature, and with nature." All beach island resorts of this archipelagic country are in a legitimate competition in presenting the best form of nature-oriented accommodation on their islands. Blessed with a curvy and wispy island in the middle of the ocean, Patina Maldives Fari Islands has had all the advantages to come up with an ideal tropical accommodation on its powdery beach and sparkling ocean water. Here, guests of all kinds of inclinations will find blissful housing. On and off the beach, Patina Maldives Fari Islands has deployed a total of 110 fashionable villas and Fari studios.

  • Patina Maldives Accommodation
    Patina Maldives Accommodation

Spacious and contemporary villas with up to 3 bedrooms.

A generous sheltering program in 10 distinct residential categories is one of the highlights of Patina Maldives, Fari Islands. Way more spacious for destination guest villas, each beach and overwater residence of Patina Maldives would be a true haven for living out your luxury whims of being stranded in a desert place of all earthly convenience. If you intend an intimate honeymoon celebration, you can opt for its one-bedroom villas set both on the beach and over the water. If you have come here for a group celebration with your families or folks, the Patina Maldives villas with two and three bedrooms would do the trick for you.

  • Patina Maldives Accommodation
    Patina Maldives Accommodation

Each has been furnished with the best of in-villa amenities.

The impeccable nature-oriented benefits come unasked when you choose these villas. Then, what would you need to transform your slumber here into a regal one? Yes, in-villa amenities! Whether it is convenience or technology, Patina Maldives has gone overboard in furnishing each of its guest villas with the best in-villa amenities. Everywhere across the floor, the means for your comfortable living have been rightly and thoughtfully scattered. Floor-to-ceiling windows with blackout blinds, a private garden with pool, an outdoor oversized bathtub, a rain shower, double basin, vanity table, refreshment center, dining area, smart TV, tablet, PlayStation, Xbox, and Wifi are just the minimum you could expect. A true mix of seclusion, nature, and contemporariness is what makes the villas of Patina Maldives the best place to live in.

  • Patina Maldives Water Villa
    Patina Maldives Water Villa

Unique villa structure ever presented in the Maldives!

Patina Maldives has quite thought out of the box when designing and architecting its beach and overwater villas. Because the traditional rustic roofing and building development can't be found anywhere about its villas. Instead, you would be witnessing a uniquely-designed contemporary structure resembling a box. The horizontally long interior of the villas has been aptly furnished with ceiling-to-floor windows, giving the residents the best panoramic views of the outside from a wide angle. The interior is immediately followed by an equally long sun terrace that has a private pool on the farthest end. The all-wooden flooring really enhances the attraction for the villas of Patina Maldives Fari Islands.

  • Patina Maldives Accommodation
    Patina Maldives Accommodation

Impeccable island development for villa network!

Would you mind taking a look at the aerial photograph of this awesome Maldives beach destination? The property development, especially that of villas, has done justice to the innate beauty of this curvy island boasts of. Quite unconventional of rounded, oval-shaped, or strip-shaped Maldives islands, the coral island of Patina Maldives is a C-shaped piece of an island with fine edges. The dense vegetation of the island has been sharply divided between villas when developing the beach network here. Each villa has its own garden, seclusion, and access to the island's main paths. The overwater villas are a few in number, eliminating the possibility of congested sheltering.

Easy access to the environments - oceanfront and lagoon!

Living at the villas of Patina Maldives Fari Islands, you are very much entitled to reign in the natural environments that surround you. No matter whether you choose the clam-scattered oceanfront or reef-hosted lagoon as your habitat, the guest villas of Patina Maldives have their own ways of integrating you with the surroundings. Beach villas allow for direct access to the beach, whereas you could easily climb down to the shallow lagoon stretch via the small stairs on the deck of your overwater villas. The white sandy stretch here stretches as far as the outdoor terrace of the beach villas, giving you the true feeling of being washed ashore on a magical island full of happiness.

  • Patina Maldives Aerial View
    Patina Maldives Island Aerial View

The marvelous two-story beach house is the iconic residence!

An iconic villa couldn't more represent the idea of nature-chic living the Maldives upholds! The two-story beach house residence of Patina Maldives is remarkable for certain reasons. The ground floor comes with an open-concept bar and dining space, whereas the upper floor houses a large outdoor dining deck. Designed by award-winning Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, the Beach House boasts three bedrooms, a rooftop terrace, a myriad of spaces, a large private 21m pool, a private tropical garden full of lush green, an outdoor campfire space with an expansive covered entertainment area, triple-glazed floor-to-ceiling windows, outdoor deck with chairs and loungers, and custom design furniture by MK27 and Norm Architects. The true celebration of destination group get-togethers is all bound to be here.


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