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Could a golfing meadow get any more attractive than this? Probably not! Velaa Private Island Maldives has its 9-hole golf structure laid out across a beautiful natural island perfectly vegetated, all surrounded by the tranquil water of the Indian Ocean. Since set against the backdrop of gorgeous vistas of Maldivian lagoons, golfing at Velaa private Island is chilling out with pristine nature for you.

Incorporating both well-structured and casual combinations of golfing activities, Velaa Private Island Golf caters to both professional and beginner golfers. The indoor teaching studio is one of the praiseworthy services of the academy. The guests will be offered one-on-one lessons on their swings, accuracy and body posture. Friendly PGA professionals will be there for your assistance.

“How to pose your body for each kind of swing”, “how to bring out an accurate swing?” The instructions will focus on all the aspects needed for your improvement. The personal tuition will go over everything related to golfing; like putting, pitching, chipping, wedges, bunkers, and trouble shots. Even if you landed on this island totally ignorant of golfing, you will be returning as a mini-pro.

The indoor-studio has retractable doors that allow golfers hit right from the comfort of the studio. But the will still soar high to the green stretch of the island. The latest swing analysis software coupled with ‘Trackman’ stimulator will take everyone’s golfing vibes to the next level. Thus, guests will be getting clear-cut reviews and suggestions for their hits.

Interestingly, Velaa Private Island Golf Academy has a retail shop that sells and rents all sorts of golfing equipment in addition to shirts, sunglasses and golfing souvenirs. With customized golfing lessons and personal training, golfing at Velaa private Island Maldives is everyone’s thing. As trainer, José María Olazábal, himself put it, Velaa Golfing is not about all the 7500 yards long stretch and sky-breaking shots, but it centers around fun and entertainment with each stroke.

Briefing you on this incredible Maldivian getaway, Velaa Private Island Maldives is a one-of-a-kind tropical destination with its own white-sandy island and lagoon stretches. Located in Noonu atoll, cut off from the airs of mundane world, this nature-chic resort offers a dreamy accommodation along the raw beaches of the Maldives and over the turquoise ocean water.

Fancy an unforgettable honeymoon or family holidays in the Maldives? Velaa Private Island Maldives will bless you with an eventful sojourn that you will dearly cherish for a lifetime. Leave us your needs and fancies, we will get you best prices for Velaa Private Island Maldives packages.

A personal note from José María Olazábal

'The Maldives. A vacation paradise, and space for golf? Of course, but forget 7,500 yards, 5 hour rounds and think entertainment and fun, think game improvement, think family time enjoying excellent facilities tailored to the individual.

The possibilities are endless, a putting competition with my kids or hone my short game in the sun or learn some new skills, or to beat my wife when playing on the course! Velaa Private Island gave us part of their treasured island for a very special golf academy. It has been our goal to create an experience that guests will find hard to beat. The essence is to create the experience each and every guests wants.

Try the latest Trackman 4 simulator where you can play the best golf courses in the world as well as challenge a friend. Introduce the family to the game with tailor made tuition programmes for individuals or groups using the latest technology to get started or to perfect your short game.

With nine different tees, six greens, seven bunkers, and a turquoise lake, the colour the Maldives is so famous for, this golf course provides a template, the envy of any painter, to conceive and develop your unique private golfing experience.

Are you a serious golfer? This course offers everything from putting, chipping, and pitching and includes wedges, trouble
shots, bunkers, water, the rough and even iron play from short to mid and long irons. Additionally, you will find a swing studio equipped with the latest technology and gadgets.

I invite you to experience it for yourself and I hope you will find it a precious little gem.'

    José María Olazábal


  • Velaa Private Island Maldives Golf Academy


The Trackman 4 is the best and latest golf radar used in PGA by the worlds’ best golfers for swing analysis and ball flight
tracking. This latest model also provides an HD simulator with a large range of the best courses around the world.

  • Velaa Private Island Golf Academy
    Trackman 4 & V1 teaching System


V1 Pro is the No. 1 video swing analysis system in golf. From local golf pros to top PGA instructors, thousands of golfers’ swings are analyzed and improved each year using V1 Pro. Have your swing videoed, analyzed and sent to your smartphone at the press of a button.


The Golf Academy retails a range of high quality golf shirts in a variety of fabrications, sunglasses, and an assortment of golfing souvenirs including caps, hats and golf balls. 

Please contact us at sales@tcm.travel for more details .

Open daily from 9 AM – 6 PM.

  • Velaa Golf Collection
    Velaa Golf Collection


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