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Assimilating all the finest details of beach getaway, Radisson Blu Resort Maldives elevates your concepts of destination wedding to an otherworldly state. Here the purest form of nature witnesses your happiest moments in life when your soulmate is pronounced to be yours.

An ideal wedding has always been once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. We expect it to be nothing less than a unique experience in terms of celebration and venue. Radisson Blu Maldives with its extraordinary setting is promising a literally dream wedding experience for those who want their love registered officially.

Remarkably the resort has in mind different parts of the island for your entire ceremony; from bridal party to cast away. There is a stunning palette of venues that you can opt from: the white sandy shore that is all done up for the occasion, special couples' pavilion near the waves, right out on the lagoon or even far away on the sandbars.

There is a heart-shaped hut with charm hay roof over the water that stands for honoring Love. Couples would solemnly walk up to here holding each other's hand. They would love staying there eternally while their friends and families cheer for them on the shore. This overwater formation can get adorned to their taste, adding to the indulgence. What is more blissful than proclaiming amidst the blessing of this pristine lagoon?

A festive bridal party can be vital to a Maldives destination wedding. Our friends and families should be around us this time because this unforgettable memory should have everyone special to us woven into. To that end, Radisson Blu Maldives has a Presidential Water Villa that gives amble space for a spectacular party with its two-levels-architecture over the lagoon, that has three bedrooms, private pool, wellness room, and indoor and alfresco areas.

On their big day, bride and groom shall be prepared by resort's own professional therapists at the overwater Blu Spa, following various beauty treatments, massages, facials, pedicure, manicure, hairdressing, and make-up.

Interestingly, the unadulterated beach of Radisson Blu Maldives in itself is a wonderful place that you you could ever imagine for such a castaway wedding. With all the flowers and pleasant lights along with nicely decorated stage, this lagoon-kissed shore is a magnificent backdrop for a beach wedding ceremony.

The sun sets far across the ocean turning the turquoise water more pink, the breezes contain unprecedented rapture, the gently crashing waves fills the air with romantic humming! How about such an atmosphere? Romance can never have any other definition. Right under the sky, a dinner or cocktail party can ensue ensue at full power.

There is more fun to the experience at the nearby Hanhaarafushi, the adult only island. Another pavilion is there to welcome the couples. There is a nicely-designed event hall overwater with glass walls and high ceiling, Cleo’s, for conducting wedding ceremony of up to 50 people or reception for up to 50 guests.

What we would not give to have the most genuine getaway moments at a place where nature is so generous with its resources. Plan your wedding with Radisson Blu Maldives that has a special crew to take your moments to next level. The package can be customized to include photography, floating breakfast, couple tree-planting, Boduberu performance and traditional flower girls.

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