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Kuda Villingili Maldives is a gem of an island secretly stashed in the tranquil Indian Ocean with an unmatched set of beach and marine-scapes. It is a magical place where, as they put it, “time and space matter”.

All surrounded by turquoise lagoon water, the private island of the resort across 15.4 hectare area with pleasant tropical flora and white sandy shores. Together with all this nature-feast, the resort is all the more attractive with its all-contemporary design and décor that perfectly sync with the ambiance outside.

Located in North Male Atoll, Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives accessible with just a 30-minute luxury boat ride from Velana International Airport (MLE).

All the fun and peace around, stay at Kuda Villingili is deemed to be self-discovering journey. This blog tells you 10 truths about Kuda Villingili Maldives that will leave you with no choice but to book this spectacular island resort for your Maldives visit.

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#1 Easy To Reach

First and foremost, the resort’s location in North Male Atoll makes it less of a hassle for guests to reach the island. Once you landed in Velana International Airport, the resort’s representatives will come up to you and take you to the jetty. It will be just a 30-minute Luxury boat transfer.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa Arrival
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa Arrival

#2 Exclusive Treatment and Unmatched Privacy

Apart from all the luxury element, each residential unit at Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives will make you feel at home with its ways of functioning. Whether you opt to stay on the beach or over the humming ocean water, you will have the best of the experience. You will be on the loose with uncurbed access to its resources all the while with extreme mode of privacy.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa  - Villa
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - Beach Room

#3 Gastronomical Practice That Celebrates Diversity Of Continents

Gastronomy at Kuda Villingili Maldives does not stop at the conventional goals of feeding. It is designed to celebrate and introduce the diversity of culinary culture around the world to its guests. It is strange that we still stick with our traditional ways of tasting food. We have different sensations on our tongue. The six diverse dining hubs at the resort will take you on a global journey in terms of cuisines and dishes.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - Dining
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - Dining

#4 Separate Spa Island With Full Wellness Arrangements

Spa and wellness are two things marked as the distinctive features of a Maldives vacation. No Maldives destination wants it to be the old-school. Neither does the Kuda Villingili. In other words, better the spa offering, better the fame. Kuda Villingili has a separate spa island, accessible by a wooden bridge, with eight rustic-charming overwater treatment rooms.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - Spa island
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - Spa island

#5 World Class Surfing Spot

If you are into surfing and other aquatic adventures, Kuda Villingili is the flawless choice for your Maldives vacation. Chickens Break, one of the finest surfing points around the world, is in close proximity to the resort. On top of that, the reef stretch here comes up with more than ten second barrels. The resort can offer all the equipment for surfing and other water sports. On the sidenote, May to October is the best time for surfers at Kuda Villingili.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa  - Activity Surfing
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - Activity Surfing

#6 150 Meter-Long Pool Amidst Foliage

The public pool at Kuda Villingili, in and of itself, is a great public hangout. This 150-meter long swimming pool, flanked by sunbeds, couches and cabanas, is hidden in beautiful nature. Also there is a shaded Jacuzzi, lounge pool, a children-friendly pool, a wet lounge and a wet bridge.

  • 150 Meter-Long Pool Amidst Foliage
    150 Meter-Long Swimming Pool

#7 An Endless List Of Fun On And Off The Island

You can be assured of one thing. You will never run out of fun. The possibility of merry-making is as wide as the ocean and the island. Playful beach activities, educational programs, competitive games, fishing, excursions, cultural sessions, water sports, diving, surfing, snorkeling and stargazing! There seems to be no end to the variety. Experience it yourself.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa  - Activities
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - F&B Setup

#8 Never Skip Your Fitness Schedule

Have you ever felt lazy over heading to the gym? The reason is you are not doing in the right ambiance. The Technogym at Kuda Villingili Maldives is one-of-a-kind fitness arena that is open 24*7 before you. The views from the center alone can keep you glued to the workout. Additionally, there is an elevated yoga pavilion where you can engage yourself in peaceful yoga meditation under the guidance of personal yoga master.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - The Gym
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa - The Gym

#9 Worldly Epicurean Delight

Whatever you do, let it be royal and classic! For your private and romantic dining sessions, the resort can offer you otherworldly venues where you will dine together for eternity. Dine at sunken beach under the sky, In  your courtyard near the shores, far out on the sandbar! Simple to regal spread of dishes shall be made for you.

  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa Private Dining
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa Private Dining

#10 Curated Experience

You intend a romantic honeymoon or a family holiday? Or you desire to renew your wedding vows or celebrate anniversary? The idyllic nature of Kuda Villingili Maldives can give you custom-tailored experience for your visit. The dining, fun activities and all the jazz will support towards the cause of fulfilling your satisfaction.

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  • Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa Aerial
    Kuda Villingili Resort And Spa Aerial View


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