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Soneva, formerly Soneva Resorts & Residences, is stealing the show in the Maldives by opening one more luxury beach resort in the Maldives named Soneva Secret by the end of 2023. By all odds, this new Maldives resort is expected to receive guests from the last quarter of 2023 onwards.

Soneva is one of the multi-property hospitality behemoths in the Maldives operating various of the archipelago's renowned beach resorts with great success and reputation. Founded in the Maldives in 1995, Soneva describes itself as "creators of luxurious and sustainable resorts."

In the archipelago, Soneva is making waves by letting out the news of the launch of another of its beach island properties, Soneva Secret, which is promised to be a top-notch resort that upholds the essence of Soneva in every respect - hospitality, sheltering, luxury, experience, and commitment towards the nature.

Titled Soneva Secret, the new Soneva resort property will be a true hideout in one of the remote areas of the Maldivian archipelago, facilitating unmatched seclusion and privacy for guests. “The new location in the Maldives will be remote, remarkably private, and offer an intimately personalized experience,” says Shivdasani, the founder of Soneva.

A whopping sum of 40 million US dollars has been spent to turn this natural coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean into an extraordinary haven, Soneva Secret, that is designed to satiate the luxury mid-ocean castaway dreams of international travelers. The right amounts of exclusiveness, modern comfort, seclusion, fun, and tropicalness are mixed into the total guest experience at Soneva Secret, one of the highly anticipated Maldives' newly opening resorts for 2023.

Soneva Secret, the new Maldives beach resort, is expected to feature an assortment of beach and overwater villas that enjoy both marine and beach neighborhoods of their own. Stuffed with every available modern comfort and technological assistance, each sheltering unit will be aptly designed to be in harmony with the astonishingly gorgeous surroundings - white shore or sparkling lagoon. The accommodations will consider both couples and groups of more than two at Soneva Secret.

The key guest facilities and provisions uniquely curated by Soneva will be authentically supplied at Soneva Secret, Soneva's brand-new luxury beach property. The island will have various courts and places for sports and merry-making events, a fully-fledged spa wellness center, a few international eateries, public hangout areas, and more. The group's ultimate all-inclusive offer, Soneva Unlimited, will be extended to Soneva Secret as well, which will be an unmatched revelry in terms of dining and entertainment activities.

At present, Soneva, the Maldives' well-reputed resort chain group is in possession of three pivotal Maldives beach resorts and one liveaboard vessel. The portfolio includes Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani, Soneva Kari, and Soneva In Aqua. Soneva Fushi is one of the few top luxury Maldives beach resorts where the guest experience is indeed beyond description, where one-of-a-kind guest shelters are set up for guests.

To know more about Soneva Secret and grab the early offers from various Maldives resorts including Soneva Secret, stay abreast of the latest Maldives news and updates from Travel Connection Maldives.


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