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Travel Connection Maldives, one of the trailblazing tour operators in the Maldives, presented the Maldives and its beach island tourism before a packed audience at Holiday & Spa International Tourism Fair held from February 15 through 17th at Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In what was described as the first-ever advertisement of the Maldives beach tourism on the Bulgarian market, the company's CEO and other prominent figures in sales directly handled the session which registered an attendance of over 100 people.

The presentation given before various leading tour operators in the country was aimed to give the audience a thorough orientation about beach island tourism of the Maldives and its scopes. The CEO's, Mohammed Mirsaad himself, participation in the presentation team reflected how much the market meant to the Maldives.

The Maldives has always been one of the best-picked beach destinations among Europeans. The recent statistics of increased guest arrival from Serbia were prompting TCM officials to give personalized attention to the Bulgarian market; the same is being carried out by the company in various other countries gaining a clear edge over the competitors in flying international tourists over.

Travel Connection Maldives Pvt. Ltd., established in 2008 by Mohammed Mirsaad, is a tour operator giant in the Maldives tourism industry that has always gone above and beyond for the cause of the Maldives and its beach island tourism. The company has been marking its solid presence at various international travel summits on behalf of the country itself. No wonder TCM has grabbed several accolades for its noble services in this regard.

In the presentation, the Travel Connection Maldives rightly delineated the systematic functioning of the Maldives beach island tourism that incorporated nature-chic accommodation, ocean-oriented excursions, and seaplane transfers. For tourism partners and guests-to-be, the session was both beneficial and crucial.

As a unique destination naturally designed for all kinds of people, the Maldives is a collective land of lagoons and islands. Out of its 1000+ coral islands, there are 150+ private beach resorts prepared with nature-chic luxury. Not only sheltering in nature but also a wide variety of fun and recreations are offered in the Maldives.

As the designated herald of the Maldives beach island tourism, Travel Connection Maldives' team exposed the Maldives in its true colors and dimensions before this European market. Customized Maldives packages and deals with Live Availability  & Booking Facility for all kinds of Maldives visits such as Maldives honeymoon and Maldives family holidays are best offered through Travel Connection Maldives for international tourists to the Maldives. 

The Travel Connection Maldives also provide  XML/API integration facility if you wish to connect with our system. 


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