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Travel Connection Maldives, the leading Maldives tour DMC, is assigning its crew with another substantial travel fair participation at Arabian Travel Market, which is scheduled to unfold on May 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2023 in Dubai.

Arabian Travel Market, which turns 30 years of successful conducting this year, is one of the remarkable travel events of WTM (World Travel Market). It is a "hub of travel ideas and networking" that forecasts a far-sighted vision of how the industry of travel and hospitality will be in the years to come.

WTM (World Travel Market) is one of the biggest travel fair establishments in all the world, which endeavors to bring the global travel industry together through world-leading events, content, and digital tools. ATM (Arabian Travel Market) is one of its regional galas, along with WTM London, WTM Latin America, and WTM Africa. All of WTM's events and gatherings are a multitude of opportunities to grow business for companies in the sector of travel and hospitality.

In terms of popularity and impact, Arabian Travel Market, the biggest travel fair in Asia, is one of the prominent travel fairs in the world, where hospitality giants and other potential bigshots participate, facilitating crucial business affairs in the hospitality sector of the Middle East. This year 2023, ATM has a unique theme to hoist, "Working Towards Net Zero."

As always, at Arabian Travel Market, experienced and knowledgeable people in the field from around the world, gather and impart their valuable wisdom in the form of insightful tactics, making way for plenty of partnership projects and other mind-blowing businesses. The discussion on various aspects of travel and tourism at the fair will be a trailblazing guideline for the participants.

At Arabian Travel Market 2023, known entrepreneurs and leadership figures will give valuable lessons about all the related sectors such as travel, destinations, technology, airlines, cruise, car rental, hotels, hospitality, and so on. No wonder, this is where innovative trends originate and flow to all corners of the world.

As a quality-driven DMC in the Maldives, Travel Connection Maldives has never had enough of improving and tweaking itself. Through participating at Arabian Travel Market in 2023, the TCM team is casting its sight on several business-oriented ends. It will gain expert advice needed for enhancing Maldives beach getaway experiences, build its network by teaming up with active local tour operators from the Middle East and the rest of the world, and broaden its knowledge that will help the company with every enterprise it embarks on.

Remarkably, TCM has just recently registered its participation at WTM Latin America 2023 as well, another of WTM's continental gala, which took place in the first week of April this year. Such participations and representations have always meant a lot to this best tour operator in the Maldives. No wonder it has become the apple of the eye of anyone intending a true Maldives getaway for their honeymoons and family holidays.

Travel Connection Maldives is sincerely carrying on its noble duty of representing the Maldives beach island tourism at various global travel fairs, only to win and keep the due recognition this archipelago of lagoons and islands deserves for its unmatched natural wonders for international tourists.

Now what? TCM, the best Maldives tour operator, is ready to fly you over to nature-rich heavenly island destinations of the Maldives scattered in the vast turquoise lagoon of the Indian Ocean. Travel Connection Maldives has not only the best Maldives tour packages for your visit but also ground-breaking ideas to maximize the fun of your Maldives getaways.

Get the best Maldives tour packages from Travel Connection Maldives by simply striking a friendly chat.


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