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Ayada Maldives, one of the top Maldives beach resorts, acknowledges Travel Connection Maldives, the best tour operator of the Maldives, as its top loyal partner of the year 2021. The collaboration of these two influential Maldives hospitality entities is opening new ways for the loyal clients of TCM to have even more beneficial packages to fly to this country of pristine islands, azure lagoon, and stunning underwater ecosystem.

Although an impartial, critical and customer-oriented tour operator, Travel Connection Maldives had to present before its most luxury-discerning customers the Ayada Maldives for a variety of reasons. TCM could summarize this promotion as Ayada Maldives truly deserved it.

Aptly qualified as one of the best beach island resorts in the Maldives, Ayada Maldives Resort is the haven for both two-person celebration and family getaway because of its romance-filled atmosphere, top-luxury amenities, and exclusive hospitality. In addition to stereotypical Maldivian things, Ayada Maldives has always come up with something special for its guests, which helped Ayada Maldives stand out in the Maldives beach island tourism sector.

Accommodation for a higher number of guests and a multiplied amount of exclusivity by virtue of it are deemed to be the bonus of this five star Maldives resort. Despite over 100 sheltering units, Ayada Maldives has gone to great lengths to ensure the farthest end of privacy and the best of amenities for its guests in terms of dining, recreation and wellness. The resort proudly boasts of 122 villas in 8 categories and eight international dining hubs in addition to the private dining options.

Now it is obvious why booking Maldives tour packages from Travel Connection Maldives is all the more advantageous for those who intend a Maldives visit. Maldives-lovers could now avail themselves of even more customized Maldives resort deals from Ayada Maldives if they secure their deals through TCM.

Mr. Mirsaad, the CEO of the TCM, has always been of the noble proposition that people have all the right to experience the best. As the best Maldives tour operator, TCM finds it incumbent upon them to put the guests’ satisfaction before anything. Undeserved promotion of properties has never been TCM's cup of tea. This strictly-observed rule keeps this hospitality and tourism company of the Maldives the best in the market.

Not only Ayada Maldives, Travel Connection Maldives is the preferred partner, although not announced in public, for various Maldives beach island resorts. The company fortifies its good rapport with these beach island properties of the Maldives even stronger day by day. This connection and influence Travel Connection Maldives enjoys with its favorite Maldives resorts entitles the company to bargain the best and customer-effective deals and packages for its customers.

Travel Connection Maldives has also grown as far as to unofficially represent the country, the Maldives, at various international summits and travel fairs. The company and its veteran marketing wing miss no chance to take part in vital travel shows being conducted around the world, from which the company benefits from the latest hospitality trends in practice, thus being up to date with the industry. Just five months into 2022, the company has become part of numerous shows.

Why still wait? Make your long-awaited Maldives journey happen now! Travel Connection Maldives is looking forward to having you over. We would rather you knew and enjoyed Maldives through us! Welcome folks!


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