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Since the tourism industry of the Maldives is picking up after an extended period of uncertainty, Travel Connection Maldives, one of the best tour operators in the Maldives, is playing strategic moves by throwing meet-ups with its international clients for discussing new plans and tactics for 2022. Travel Connection Maldives has begun this year by conducting a grand 'business breakfast' with its Russian Clients on January 27th.

Russia has always been one of the best markets for the Maldives tourism with number of Russian tourists to the atoll increasing every year. Catering to the needs and fancies of Russian people, Travel Connection Maldives has been giving out finest Maldives b2b packages and prices to its partners in Russia ever since its advent as a Maldives’ first-rate tour agent.

In this recent meet-up, various Russian clients and partners convened with the representatives of Travel Connection Maldives debating on new trends and tastes among tourists from Russia. They together worked out adequate measures and plans to attract even more travelers for 2022 from Russia. Also TCM has promised to keep up giving discounted rates for Maldives resorts to Russian Market.

Since its birth in 2008, TCM has been key to the tourism industry of the Maldives by representing Maldives and its hospitality at various travel fairs and ceremonies worldwide. More and more global trotters are flying to the Maldives on the wings of Travel Connection Maldives because of its unquestionable reputation among people. The team work of different sections of the company, namely, sales, marketing, airport representatives and back-end workers has immensely helped the TCM to reach this fame in a short span.

Since the company has emerged out as one of the go-to Maldives tourist agents in the circle, resorts and properties of the Maldives have always been up for compromising their prices for Maldives packages for booking via TCM. For the same reason, TCM has been in tie-up with various tourist clients and partners outside the Maldives, who could provide customized packages for visitors from their countries by virtue of it.

Without any air of superiority, the company still believes that such meetings and get-together are for its own good too. The company holds that industry should be a group work, not just among the firm, but among everyone related to the business. Everything should be aimed at awakening the travel and tourism industry on global level, which still needs a poke.

With the Covid’s threat letting up for good, Travel connection Maldives is all set to keep up its business meets and conferences to stay on top of the list of best Maldives tour agents. Also, the company promises to continue with its stunning Maldives packages for all sorts of visits to the country in 2022 as well.

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