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WTM Latin America's Travel And Tourism Trade Show for 5 -7 April 2022 will be another international travel fair that Travel Connection Maldives, one of the leading tourist companies of the Maldives will participate in the first quarter of the year. By actively taking a hand at various travel shows and fairs outside the Maldives, TCM is almost representing the Maldives nation itself, with its quality presence and contribution at each travel summit the company partakes in.

World Travel Market Latin America, shortened as WTM Latin America, is the eminent B2B travel agent and tourism event for Latin America. It was in 2012 that WTM Latin America was given birth at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil. The first summit of the event was a three-day B2B event that grabbed the attention of the world at the very get-go.

Ever since its launch in 2012, WTM Latin America has been a key factor in the evolution of tourism in the continent, offering unfathomed business opportunities for companies and enterprises in Latin America. It turned out to be the melting pot for potential travel and tourism industry buyers, clients, influencers, and professionals. The event links the tourism of Latin America to the world by throwing various summits, meetings and fairs. The show now hosts over 6,000 potential visitors and around 700 exhibiting companies from the continent.

WTM Latin America is one of the six annual B2B events staged across four continents (Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa) by World Travel Market, the parent travel fair of all these, which was launched in 1980. World Travel Market London began with 350 exhibitors and 7,753 trade visitors. Now its scope and reach is beyond calculation. With the advantage of all these years of experience and the participation of an immense number of hospitality giants, buyers, clients and people, WTM decides the future and present of the sector of global travel and tourism.

As one of the tourism-rich countries in the world, the Maldives, its hospitality groups, and tour companies have always been substantial participants at all these global travel summits and shows. Since its launch and growth in a snap, Travel Connection Maldives, one of the best tour operators of the Maldives is single handedly partaking at all these venues. The quality of service, the international standard of hospitality and creative ways of satisfying clients raised this company to prominence. Time is imminent when Travel Connection Maldives becomes synonymous with Maldives tourism.

In 2008, Travel Connection Maldives was founded by Mirsaad, a tactical businessman from the Maldives, constituting a team of skilled people in the field of Maldives tourism. Now the company has strong tie-ups with all private island resorts in the Maldives and it has partners all around the world who will benefit by quality and first-hand Maldives packages from the alliance with TCM.

Read more about Travel Connection Maldives! Also you can take a look at various private island resorts in the Maldives whose amenities-stuffed packages and deals will be available to you through TCM. If you have any queries to put forth regarding taking a trip to the Maldives, contact us in no time.


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