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Simply phrased, if paradise were to have a name, it would be Maldives! This land of mysteries and wonders well deserves its current fame and position in the lame light for its heavenly natural beauty and unadulterated luxury experience with private island resorts. What sets Maldives apart from other holiday & honeymoon destinations around the world is that unlike others, apart from lavish accommodation amidst the turquoise lagoons, this country has a lot of unique feasts of recreational activities and experiences to entertain its guests. Let’s take a look at some of the best tourist attractions in Maldives for guests to do..!

What’s more, once you landed at Velana International Airport, your eyes are wide opening to exciting visuals and wonders of Maldives. The unique experience of seaplane flight to your destination resort will start you off giving you never-before experienced glimpse of azure waters passing over nicely built private island resorts underneath which you have only seen in photographs.

Snorkeling & Diving

As a world of wonders of waters, diving and snorkeling can be counted as the important tourist attractions in Maldives since tourists can experience and enjoy them to its fullest with unbeaten experience of genuineness. Rich and abundant coral reef houses are unique characteristic of Maldives islands which are surrounded by turquoise shallow lagoons. You don’t have to go deep or far from your resorts to snorkel around these pristine abodes to colorful tropical fishes. Regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the world, divers can get close to and swim with the sea creatures including turtles, mantra rays, moray eels, and rare whale sharks. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to try your hand here. You will be trained and given classes and will be escorted by diving experts.

  • Snorkeling In Maldives
    Maldives Snorkeling Using Head Gears
  • Scuba Diving In  Maldives
    Maldives Scuba Diving Activities
  • Beautiful Coral reefs
    Beautiful Coral reefs

Seaplane Photo Flight

As a special recognition to the inborn propensity of travelers here to capture the rare photographs of this magical land and its beauty plus their memory of their holiday and honeymoon here, many private island resorts here in Maldives make it easy for tourists to arrange a special seaplane flight expedition over the secluded sandbars and lagoons of Maldives. Travelers can keep their cameras and selfie-sticks with them and click as many photos as your private charter slow down and linger over the scenic lagoon or islands. You don’t have to be professional photographer, but whatever you click of Maldives it will already go perfect with the aid of wild beauty of Maldives. Unlike dull urban sightseeing, it is more fun hovering over the heavenly ambiance of Maldives.

  • Sea Plane Photo Flight
    Sea Plane Photo Flight
  • Trans Maldivian Airlane Seaplane
    Trans Maldivian Airlane Seaplane

Water Sports

Each and every resort here in Maldives has made the access to the water sports a basic resort facility in order to help them enjoy various recreational activities on water which would otherwise be hard to obtain in other holiday destinations of the world. Calm and quite shallow lagoons of Maldives islands evidently separated from the deep ocean by far are 100% safe for anyone enabling each and every to take part in this fun. Both children and adults shall have access to the water with separate sections for families and couples as well. Various motorized and non-motorized watersports are set ready her like kayaking, canoeing, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, banana and boating. Each resort would have an authentic and expertise PADI center and professionals to assist you and rent you the equipment.

  • Jetski Riding
    Jetski Riding
  • Paddle Boarding - Water Sports in Maldives
    Water Sports - Paddle Boarding
  • Kite Surfing
    Water sports - Kite Surfing in Maldives

Exploring Capital Malé

If your private island resort is near to the Male city, your resort will facilitate you an opportunity to explore and raid the capital Male city where you have a lot to visit and cherish. Male city is actually a consummation of both well-developed urbanization and the still-captivating natural beaches and beauty. Or if your resort is far away from Male, you can extend your home departure and stay one night in Male capital for knowing the Male to the marrow. Despite being one of the smallest capitals in the world, the city has calling you into various historical monuments and landmarks of here like;

  • Old Friday Mosque
  • Male local market
  • National Museum
  • Bikini Beach
  • Grand Friday Mosque
  • Hulhumale beach
  • Hulhumale Mosque
  • Artificial beach
  • Male fish market
  • Old Friday Mosque - Explore Maldives
    Old Friday Mosque - Explore Maldives
  • Sinamale Bridge - Tourist Attraction Maldives
    Sinamale Bridge - Tourist Attraction Maldives
  • Male Local Market Explore
    Male Local Market Explore

Spa & Wellness

Another important provision of Maldives is the pure rendering of oriental spa and massage treatments which would offer a wide variety of massages, therapies, rituals and treatments imparted from traditional Thai, Indonesian, Indian and Balinese styles. Even the most westernized forms of body massage therapies are rendered being added with oriental ways of enrichment. All private island resorts in Maldives will provide Spa & Wellness centers which will both rejuvenate your body and skin and re-alive your souls. Spa centers will provide couples massage therapies as well with resting lounges and steam rooms. Trained and dedicated specialists will walk you through various make-up, facial, skin and body treatments.

  • Spa and  Wellness - Maldives
    Spa and Wellness - Maldives

Underwater Experience

Maldives tourism is getting even more unique with its luxury dining experience of underwater restaurants. Various private island resorts in Maldives have set ready spacious and scenic underwater dining hubs for the guests a couple meters down the ocean. Also first-of-a-kind underwater residence too is a specialty of Maldives tourism. You can watch sea creatures moving around while you dine or share private moments with your partner. Also, Whale Submarine Maldives gives you the opportunity to experience Maldives in a unique way which would be a perfect for those wanting to witness Maldives’ magical underwater, without getting wet. The Submarine will descend to a submerged reef 40 meters beneath the surface. Going down, wonders of Maldives will begin to unfold. You can see colorful display of coral reefs, tropical fishes like blue or yellow-striped Snappers, Lion fish and Yellow Box Fish.

  • Whale Submarine - Maldives
    Whale Submarine - Maldives
  • Whale Submarine During Diving
    Whale Submarine During Diving
  • Maldives Under Water Experience
    Maldives Under Water Experience

Island Hopping & Tour to Local Villages

Island hopping in Maldives adds much more meaning to your essence as a travel lover. Beautiful stretch of islands filled with lush tropical vegetation and sandy beaches treasure a lot of curiosity for you. Travelers can hop resort’s speedboat to distant local inhabited villages and islands where you can feel the culture and soul of the indigenous Maldives. You can spend time with the locals of the islands and enjoy the diversity of Maldiven culinary. Your island hopping will be providing you scenic water ride across the Indian Ocean watching the gliding flying fishes and skilled dolphins.

Ocean Excursions & Dolphin Cruise

Excursions far out into the ocean will give you multitudes of fun with a lot of unique and first-time experiences while you cutting through the waves of Indian Ocean. You have a lot to see and enjoy when you set out on your private yacht or boat. You can watch flying fishes gliding along the water with flapping their tiny wings. Or your excursion will be a sunset dolphin cruise when the ocean will be calm and glowing with sun setting. Dolphins may pursue you showing off their acrobatic skills. Or travelers can take a seat on the fishing boat which will go into the ocean for catching various sizes fishes. They will help you be a part of this catch. Your sea expedition may cover various uninhabited and local island of Maldives while you enjoy night fishing and boating.

  • Fishing Tour  in Maldives
    Fishing Tour in Maldives


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