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Think of it like you are those kinds of friends who still miss your olden and golden moments with your funny fellows with whom you had a great time in the past. It is nothing a thing of past, you can still get it back. Are you looking for an ideal destination for celebrating your group holidays with your folks? Then, Shangri La Villingili, the most charming beach island resort in the Maldives, shall suit your purpose in the most satisfying way. No matter you are off with your professional office friends on an incentive tour or your old-time bosom friends, your search for the finest beach destination for your group holidays ends with Shangri La Villingili.

Shangri La Villingili is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Maldives with private island accommodation with high-end facilities and amenities for the guests. The resort has always been in the limelight for its excellent performance and advancement in all the fields of hospitality. Being a true embodiment of what Maldivian luxury looks like, Shangri La Villingili, remotely located in the secluded portion of the Indian Ocean with a lushly vegetated island surrounded by the bio-luminescent shallow water, features luxurious villas and suites both over the water and on the beach. Here facilities range from international eateries to amazing local fun elements.

Shangri La Villingili Maldives is one of the best-suggested resorts in the Maldives, probably world around, for perfect group holidays and business meets. Here we would like to expose the top ten reasons why you should spend your group holiday at Shangri La Villingili Resort Maldives?

#1 Villas & Suits with Multiple Bedrooms For Group Accommodation

First and foremost, special attention has been taken in the matter of lavish villa accommodation at Shangri La Villingili Maldives Resort with a view to considering its guests on a group holiday, incentive tour and business meeting. It is ideal for any resort to have an adequate number of villas and suites with more than one bedroom inside. Shangri La has four luxury villa categories alloted for such grand housing both on and off the island. In addition to the large and modern-influenced interior, all the villas shall have a spacious exterior with loungers facilitating a nice location for your hanging-out.

  • 2 Bedroom Ocean Villa Exterior At Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa
    2 Bedroom Grand Ocean Villa With Pool At Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa

#2 International Restaurants & Bars With Group Dining Arrangements

When it is a group holiday or vacation, most chats shall take place at the table. That is why Shangri La Villingili Maldives has set up a plethora of dining venues on the island with a perfect atmosphere for relaxing and eating. Here, in its pleasant ambiance, you shall take it for a nice get together with luxury foods served at your will. All the restaurants and bars at Shangri La Villingili Maldives has lavish provision for group dining with special table arrangement and assigned attendants.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Dining
    Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Customized Dining Arrangement For Group Travelers

#3 Exclusive Private Jet Arrival To The Resort

Exclusivity is an indispensable ingredient for any high-end expeditions. Every experience at Shangri La Villingili Maldives is available for being completely customized, including the journey. As per your preferred schedule, guests can enjoy an exclusive flight journey to this island resort in a private jet from Gan International Airport. Traveling to the resort by a chartered private jet is a spectacular arrival experience you could ever think of about getting a royal treatment. The facility is suitable for royal families, incentive groups, and holiday groups.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa

#4 Special Dining Events For Group Get Together

In addition to regular sit down and fine dining restaurants, there are special dining events for groups like yours can take advantage of, like bbq, gala dinner, and beach party. Here, these sessions are really remarkable for the ideal group hanging-out experience they provide in addition to a choice of personalized locations that you would certainly like for the extremely pleasant atmosphere in total seclusion. On the beach, far off at a private sandbar, on a dhoni - wherever your session shall have a private chef and attendants to take care of your needs. Here you dine, relax, hang out and enjoy with your fellows.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Dining

#5 Conference And Meeting Facility & Other Group Events

If you are on a business meet or an incentive tour from your firm, you shall have to formally congregate in a relaxed place for carrying out your conference and sharing your thoughts. The conference hall at Shangri La Villingili Maldives is quite a spectacular one with all the finest gadgets, a desirable seating arrangement, and a nice location. The resort also approves of several other group events on the island like weddings and vow exchange. We shall provide video coverage, food delivery and whatever you need at your will for making your session a formal one.

#6 Play Golf With Your Folks

Perhaps playing golf should be familiar to you but you have never tried once in your life. Apart from being a nice sporting event, golfing is a nice activity you can enjoy with your fellows. You need not be a pro to try our 9-hole golf program on the paradise island that stretches over seven and a half hectares. Our wing shall instruct you and have everything covered for you. Shangri La Villingili is one of the few resorts in the Maldives with the golfing facility. There are 9-hole, Par 3 and Par 4 recreational golf courses for you. The golf arena shall feature a clubhouse, refreshment bar, and a pro shop. Golf equipment is available on rental.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Golf
    Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Golf

#7 A Plethora Of Resort Facilities Ideal For Any Maldives Travel

Not only a group holiday or a business trip, Shangri La Villingili Maldives cares for all sorts of Maldives visits like a family holiday, honeymoon and underwater exploration. For the same reason, the resort and the total surrounding on and off the island are extravagantly stuffed with a wide variety of natural and artificial facilities and amenities for its guests. Water sports & dive centers, multi-facility gym, yoga, spa, games room, public beaches, lounges, private sandbar and lavish provisions for leisure. The striking aspect of all is that everything shall have its own privacy and seclusion. Otherwise, you shall have your own scheduled session by letting the resort officials know about it.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa
    Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Aerial View

#8 Attain The Perfection For Your Visit Its Spa Wellness Center

Do you think a genuine Maldive visit would be complete without experiencing its major tourist attraction - the unadulterated rentering of pure oriental spa massages and wellness mantras? The spa at Shangrila Villingili, Chii, is a grand wellness arena with spacious and luxurious treatment villas, private gardens, water-overlooking yoga pavilion, and steam rooms. How about you and your folks walking up to our spa and schedule a reservation for your team all at the same time. There are couples treatment rooms at the spa. It would be nice you are having your spa session just before the last day of your group holiday and relaxing well sharing your spa experiences.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa
    Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa And Wellness Center

#9 Special Leisure Activities Personalized For Groups

It is such special leisure activities at Shangri La Villingili Maldivesthat make your group holiday an interesting one helping you truly go back to your cherished olden times that you miss all the time. In addition to various exclusively designed group programs, all sorts of fun elements and games on the island shall be customized for your privacy if you would prefer your companions all the time. Otherwise, you can team up with other guests or take them in making your friend circle even bigger. On the island and over the water, plenty of water sports, games, tasks are awaiting you, like coral planting, Instagram picture competition, cocktail making competition, and survival camp. They are fun, but competitive at the same time.

  • Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa
    Shangri-las Villingli Resort And Spa Water Activities

#10 Customized Group excursions & Picnics

No such competitive games or activities! It is all about getting some private moments for your team placing you guys far away from the hurry-burry spot of the island. You shall select from a choice of a wide variety of excursion programs on and off the island. The island, a forest itself, features scavenger huntings in the jungle and eco-tours on the bicycle. You shall get a much more romantic and laid-back experience if you go for its overwater expeditions like a sunset cruise, dolphin safari, and fish hunting. The desirable one is taking a trip to its distant sandbars that are quite secluded and remote, yet with all the scenic beauties of the main island. You shall conduct your bbq program or simple conference over there. Visiting the nearby local villages and islands in a group is much of an educational activity that you would certainly like.


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