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In the modern world of bustle, the soul motive behind any ideal traveling is seeking the humblest and the simplest. That is why the Maldives never loses its designation as the finest beach holiday destination where the most discerning travelers of all sorts are provided the unbeatable experience of exclusive luxury on private islands. Out of all, Bandos Maldives is one of the popular beach resorts in the Maldives where you would find the true depiction of heaven on a beautifully secluded white beach island surrounded by beryl shallow lagoon water. Here you have endless possibilities of merry-making and plenty of things to entertain yourselves. It is always recommended you thoroughly know about the fun elements of your beach destination in advance.

Located in North Male atoll, around 7 kilometers away from Male, Bandos Maldives is a four-star resort with a picture-perfect environment. Since you have a wide variety of activities and leisure to carry out in the lap of nature-chic luxury at Bandos Island Resort, you are most likely astonished and perplexed at what to do and how to celebrate your honeymoon and family holiday in here. No worry, here in this blog, we are giving you a comprehensive guide on top five things to do at Bandos Maldives Resort.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

The region where Bandos Maldives Resort is located is regarded as one of the scenic portions of the Indian Ocean where the water is tranquil and lagoons are elegant and shallow. A wide variety of rare and wild aquatic mammals and fishes abound in the region facilitating the best experience of marine sightseeing. Around the Bandos Maldives, there are spots where dolphins congregate and perform lovely acrobatics.

The resort gives its guests a daily dolphin cruise far out to the ocean in the evenings. The excursion gets much more romantic since it is carried out at the exact time of sundown. This two-hour journey has all the odds of seeing dolphins much near your boat or dhoni.

  • Sunset Cruise Bandos Maldives
    Sunset Cruise
  • Sunset Dolphin  Cruise Bandos Maldives
    Sunset Dolphin Cruise
  • Sunset Cruise Bandos Maldives

Snorkeling at the house reef

Apart from the heavenly slice of the sharp-edged island, picturesque marine surrounding is another characteristic of Bandos Maldives. Blessed with a large stretch of the shallow turquoise lagoon all around the island, with coral gardens beautifully scattered everywhere, Bandos Maldives claims to have the best house reef in North Male Atoll. Here snorkeling around the vibrant and mesmerizing coral world just meters down the surface is one-of-a-kind experience watching the nuances of underwater eco-system and bio-diversity. Sea turtles, little reef sharks, and many other colorful tropical fishes would be waiting on you down there.

  • Snorkeling At Bandos Maldives 2020

Taste Food

Food is always an indispensable part of any international holidays. Bandos Maldives is nothing less in terms of vibrant dining provisions. Here international culinary experience is waiting for you with the select cuisines and hand-picked menus from all around the world, like well renowned Asian countries, Middle East, Europe, and South America. Inspired by both the traditional Maldivian style and modern ways, the meal varieties of freshly-caught seafood are just among the interesting features of Maldivian beach resort dining.

At Bandos Resort Maldives, there are five grand restaurants and two bars with different menus featured. The private dining facility at the resort consists of various programs like romantic dinner, lobster dinner, and candle-lit dinner.

  • Food At Bandos Maldives 2020

Sunset At Huvan

Sunset is quite different and more beautiful when you witness it on a pure island, like Bandos Maldives, where you have zero obstruction and you get the impression of being right amidst the ocean where the sun eventually comes down to settle down after its day-ful job of keeping you warm. Once the sun begins to lower, you would find how soon and creatively a festive-mode marine environment turns into a quiet serene and a holistic ambiance of blissfulness. In the distant horizon, you can see reddish-brown colors emanate all around both in the sky and the water.

Sunsets always make the best romantic moments in the Maldives. Why not grab some drinks and relax with your sweet-heart on the western fringe of Bandos Island Resort to enjoy these beautiful moments.

  • Sunset View At Huvan Restaurant Maldives
    Sunset View At Huvan Restaurant

Orchid Spa

Your holiday vacation must be appealing to both your soul and body. No vacation is perfect or complete without visiting our wellness arena, the Orchid Spa, a secluded refuge wholly dedicated to indulgence and comfort. Orchid spa provides a wide variety of wellness services, massages, body therapies and spa rituals in addition to its own signature ones.

Expert oriental spa specialists are featured here to rejuvenate you and refresh you. In addition to an adequate number of treatment rooms, there are a welcome lounge, relaxation area, spa boutique, and yoga lounge. Even our junior guests shall have various programs here.

  • Orchid Spa Exterior Bandos Maldives
    Orchid Spa Exterior
  • Orchid Spa Treatment Bandos Maldives
    Orchid Spa Treatment
  • Orchid Spa Couples Bandos Maldives
    Orchid Spa Couple


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