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Once again Travel Connection Maldives is accoladed as the top producer of the Maldives beach island tourism industry!

Travel Trade Maldives, one of the top travel trade business platforms of the Maldives, has aptly selected Travel Connection Maldives as the winner of the title "Top Producers 2022" at its TTM Awards 2022 that was held at Crossroads Maldives on August 25th, 2022, along with TTM Summit and Awards & Gala dinner.

As a prestigious award ceremony hosted by a critical observer of the industry, this annual appreciatory ceremony to honor the best performers of the Maldives is a much-cherished stage for all travel companies, resort groups, and professionals in the field. This professional social gathering aims to "recognize, reward, and celebrate the very best in the tourism industry of the Maldives."

Deciding on the winners, only professionals and true consumers of Maldives tourism around the world are eligible to cast their votes in selecting the best resorts and travel companies in the Maldives. Hence, TTM awards are in effect an open guide for globetrotters who have a plan to visit the Maldives.

As far as TCM, one of the best travel companies in the Maldives, is concerned, this new recognition is yet another feather in its cap. With its excellent performance in bringing hoards of visitors over to the Maldives and keeping up with international standards of hospitality, Travel Connection Maldives is now an indispensable part of the Maldives tourism industry.

It was in 2008 that TCM launched itself, on the wings of Mr. Mohammed Mirsaad, into the arena of beach island tourism of the Maldives with a bunch of cream-of-the-crop veterans of marketing, hospitality, and customer relations. No wonder, it took way less than what is normal to achieve the superior status as “the best Maldives tour company” it enjoys in the sphere of Maldives tourism now.

Various awards and appreciations came TCM's way in its short span of business, although they were rather unasked for and unexpected for the team TCM who unconditionally adhered to a set of “customer-first” policies all along. Not only did TCM execute the prevalent business strategies in augmenting itself, but it also incorporated cutting-edge tactics that it observed from various travel fairs that it participated in every year.

The continuous presence and shining at various national and international travel summits have put Travel Connection Maldives in a better position to negotiate and buy the best travel deals for its customers who need highly customizable needs for their Maldives visits.

At present, Travel Connection Maldives does business with all beach island resorts, city hotels, and local island resorts of the Maldives by connecting travelers with the right destination that matches their whims and fancies. Curated Maldives deals with handpicked itinerary entries for all kinds of Maldives visits, such as honeymoons, family holidays, beach weddings, and group celebrations, has always been the stand-out characteristic of this travel company.

Awards only make Travel Connection Maldives more responsible with what it stands for. TCM always believes that the duty of keeping the Maldives as the number-one beach destination in the world is equally shared between resort properties and travel agencies like itself.


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