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Have you heard of this unique summer holiday celebration at Vakkaru Maldives, who has come up with a special ocean-oriented summer camp for this summer 2022 at its luxurious private island resort in the Maldives? Well, if you have nature and its delicacy set close to your heart, this is the happening place for you in this summer 2022. Read on to know more about Vakkaru Maldives' one-week long summer marine-conservation holiday, and never miss a second to grab the best Maldives summer holiday packages from us!

We are quite familiar with beach-centered summer programs and camps staged on private islands of the Maldives, right! But Vakkaru Maldives is thinking out of the box through this week-long immersive experience centered around its shimmering lagoon, named as A Deep Sea Odyssey, which will be perfect for all ages.

As part of the mission, the Vakkaru Maldives has teamed up with Oliver Steeds OBE, who is a renowned ocean explorer and conservationist from the UK. Also, he is the founder and director of Nekton, a science-based organization dedicated to the cause of protecting the ocean life of ocean nations around the world by volunteering for the conservation of underwater life and enriching people's awareness about it.

This one-week ocean fun will be staged from August 27th all the way through to September 2nd. Guests who are to book this five star Maldives resort during the dates can participate in this revolutionary holiday celebration at Vakkaru Maldives. Education, enlightenment, enjoyment, entertainment, and commitment towards nature will be the output you are to find at the end of this summer camp.

During the week, residents on the island will have access to a variety of ocean activities that will not only engage them but give them an insight into the much serious concerns regarding the marine life of such ocean countries all around the world. Also, snorkeling, diving, creative workshops, cinema screenings, two expeditions, dinners and cocktail evenings will be on schedule.

In addition to offering guests a wealth of aquatic pleasure, the 'A Deep Sea Odyssey' is aimed at fortifying and conserving the delicate marine surrounding of the Vakkaru Maldives. Since it is located in the Baa atoll, the UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Maldives, Vakkaru Maldives always requires proper nursing of its underwater ecosystem. The revenue incurred from this collective program will be appropriated to support the local community and conserve the fragile environment of Baa Atoll. What a lovely idea, right?

The Maldives is one of a very few holiday destinations around the world where both water and land contribute equal charm to its entire whole. Vakkaru Maldives, located on its own private island in Baa atoll, embodies all the beauty elements of the Maldives. Overwater and beach accommodation, special gourmet culinary culture, holistic spa wellness, and a wide range of aquatic activities make this family holiday destination truly remarkable in the luxury soil of the Maldives.

You know what? There is a stunning package with unprecedented price reduction for you to take part in the event if you go for six nights at Vakkaru Maldives during the mentioned period. Your overwater villa stay will benefit from not just lowered room rate, but also breakfast, dinner, and complimentary stay and meals for up to two children under 12 years old.

Still waiting? No, you should not! Grab this attractive 6-night Maldives holiday package to Vakkaru Maldives from us for experiencing a super aquatic-powered summer camp for this year’s summer holiday.

A Deep Sea Odyssey 2022 by Vakkaru Maldives - At A Glance

  • Cocktail evening
  • Dinner at Organic Garden
  • Dinner by beach bonfire
  • Sea-going expeditions by Splash and Silver Sands
  • Sea-going expeditions by Silver Sands
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Movie nights
  • Beach walk for kids and adults
  • Creative workshops
  • Marine conservation
  • Kids activities

Happening Time: August 27, 2022 to September 2nd!


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