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Velaa Private Island Maldives spare no expense to celebrate new phase of post-pandemic Maldives tourism when this five star resort showcases a stunning Brazilian Carnival and a wide variety of exhilarating events and activities for its guests from late January onwards. This key move from Vela Private Island leaves you with no option other than hurry to this magical island where fun knows no limits.

Located on its own nature-blessed island in Noonu Atoll, around 186 Kilometers away from Male’ International Airport, Velaa Private Island Resort is the ultimate mid-ocean tropical paradise that boasts of the best forms of pristine nature. Here tranquil atmosphere coupled with warm weather gives you the authentic nature-chic Maldivian way of honeymoon and holidays.

Ever since its launch on the atoll of the Maldives in 2013, Velaa Private Island Maldives has been providing to its guests a lot more than the accommodation and dining. Variety in treating guests is getting explicit again when this resort stages a vibrant carnival and a various featured programs for wellness, gastronomy, wine making and fitness training from late January through entire February to March.

Carnival at velaa – 7 to 12 February 2022

Carnival at Velaa would be an energetic Brazilian visual treat that celebrates Afro Brazilian music and samba rhythms. With colorful attire, the core 18-members of Brazilian Fantasy would dance well-poised moves to the utmost satisfaction of your cultural appetite. Taking the atmosphere to literally Brazil, the spectators shall be served with authentic Brazil dishes and drinks.

Founded in 2010, Brazilian Fantasy has been representing the quality of Brazilian tradition around the world, staging samba dances and carnival shows in various countries. Since the team displays the pure samba just like they witnessed from the samba communities of Brazil, guests will get to unadulterated artistic version of this.

 “A night at the Copacabana with an Afro-Latino buffet” will be staged at 8:30 pm on February 8th at Athiri Restaurant on the island where a lavish Afro-Latino buffet and the mind-blowing performance of the Brazilian Fantasy would be the key attractions. “The Rio Carnival”, which is the main event of this week-long celebration, will take place at 8:30 pm on 12th. The beachfront stage production will be a terrific experience with all the spices of Brazilian arts and dance by the team.

  • Velaa Private Island Carnival

ZenNaTai; Energy Healing & Mind Tranformation, 7 to 21 March

The island of Velaa Maldives will turn into a holistic arena for two weeks when Dr. Buathon Thienarrom joins the wellness program of the resort from March 7th. Adept at health Sociology and Psychology, she is a skilled practitioner from Thailand, who can do wonders with the mind of people with touches. She imparts and executes her knowledge in wellness practice of Tibetan and Taoist varieties during the period offering guests the transcendence to the utmost tranquility. Make sure you are part of this transformation journey by getting a special appointment at the spa of Velaa Maldives.

    Dr. Buathon Thienarrom

Winemaker Dinners By Delamotte and Salon Champagne, 28 February to 3 March 2022

If you are a fan of quality wines and beverages, this is the occasion you could ever dream of. Didier Dipond, the president of Delamotte and Salon Champagne, will be visiting Velaa Private Island Maldives for one weak for two exclusive Winemaker dinners. He will showcase his prowess in the art of winemaking when guests are offered a matching spread of dishes. There are only two sessions available. Better you enroll yourself as soon as possible by reaching out to us via any of the means for contacting on the left.

  • Hervé Berland
    Hervé Berland

Modern Physical Wellbeing & Pilates practice With Dmitri Tkatchev, 17 January to 9 February 2022

Keep up with the best practices of contemporary ways of staying healthy with Dmitri Tkatchev, a passionate trainer from London, who will be available on the island for personal training and group and private Pilates classes. Being a professional nutritionist and health coach, Dmitri has been instructor to several celebrities and people with high profile for over a decade. This time the guests of Velaa Private Island Maldives are getting a chance to meet him in person and get exclusive fitness classes. On the beach or inside the gym center on the island, guests can work on their body with the accompaniment of first-rate equipment.

  • Dmitri Tkatchev
    Dmitri Tkatchev


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