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With the intention of boosting up the Maldives private island tourism, the Villa Group of Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading hospitality groups in the Maldives, declares that they shall do anything to offer more relaxed and tension-free holidays for travelers in its various beach destinations in the Maldives archipelago. All through the period of the novel Corona Virus pandemic, the Villa Group has been relentlessly maintaining an appreciable standard of hygiene protocols in all of its Maldives beach resorts in line with the instructions of the government and WHO.

Since the Maldives announced of the re-opening of its beach island tourism shortly, the group was deciding to fortify its care and concern by means of various assurances of cleanliness and safety that sure shall be epitomizing the new-model concepts of post-Corona tourism and exemplifying the safety-guidelines for the whole world. Let's check out the key aspects and activities that are going to take place on the pristine islands of all beach resorts under Villa Group as part of its CleanStay@Villa initiative. It shall be working towards the safety-checks prescribed by WHO and Maldives Health Protection Agency (HPA) guidelines.

What Shall Be Implemented At Villa Hotels & Resorts As Part Of CleanStay@Villa?

  • All guests and staff shall go through temperature-check on arrival and departure.
  • Implement enhanced hygiene standards for whole staff with mandated PPE measures.
  • Social distancing shall be conveniently effected between guests and staff all across the island.
  • If need be, all resorts under Villa Group of Maldives resorts shall have isolation rooms with proper care.
  • The medical clinics at each hotel shall be equipped with a sufficient number of doctors and the necessary facilities.
  • The cleaning protocols shall be carried out with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • All public places for recreation including dining, wellness, and sports shall receive strict disinfecting measures.
  • The possible high-touch areas in villas shall be thoroughly disinfected using modified sanitizing protocols.
  • For each arrival and departure, the transport facilities and lounges shall undergo disinfection process to get rid of the concerns with its exposed surfaces
  • Not to lose even the tiniest amount of care and caution, training and class in hygiene protocols shall be given to staff.

About Villa Hotels & Resorts Of The Maldives!

Villa Hotels & Resorts is one of the premier choices for resort accommodation in the Maldives. Actually it is a trading name of Villa Shipping & Trading Company Private Limited, Maldives. Villa Hotels & Resorts was established mainly with the intention of managing and marketing the hotels and resorts under the Villa Group of Companies. Currently, Villa Group, being the prominent hospitality group in the Indian Ocean, is in possession of five exclusive island resorts that are self-contained and belong with the best in the Maldives. Mr. Qasim Ibrahim, is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the Villa Group. Its collection of resorts in the Maldives ranges from the three-star ones to lavish five-star properties. They are both family-friendly and romantic for couples. Its beach island resorts stand out with mesmerizing natural beauty, impeccable service, and wide variety of amenities and leisure.

What Are The Various Beach Resorts In The Maldives Under Villa Group?

Currently, there are five exclusive beach island resorts in the Maldives owned and operated by Villa Group. Catering to the nomadic instincts of all sorts of travelers with different ranges of the budget in mind, Villa Group of Maldives has hotels with different luxury categories - a five-star, four-star, and even three-star. They are purely and wholly set on their own private islands amidst the Indian Ocean with each surrounded by vast stretches of turquoise lagoon waters that treasure vibrant marine life around and beneath. Typical of Maldivian beauty, all islands shall have white beach islands and tropical flora.

The Paradise Island Resort closer to Male' is its luxurious off-spring with stunning accommodation and romantic atmosphere. The family-friendly four-star luxury Holiday Island Resort is equally beautiful but much more budgetary. It is positioned in Ari atoll. Located in the scenic Baa Atoll, the groups, yet another five-star property Royal Island Resort Maldives is the true paradigm of Maldivian natural wonders. Set in Ari atoll, the Sun Island Resort & Spa is both honeymoon and family-friendly with a stunning collection of accommodation. Perched at just 45-minutes-boat ride distance, the Fun Island Resort is the most budgetary in the family.


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