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Did you know? Villa Hotels & Resorts is no longer so, but from now on, it is just Villa Resorts!

Villa Hotels & Resorts, one of the hallmark hotel groups in the Maldives, is about to make a strategic move in the business by renaming the name of the parent group simply "Villa Hotels," which is deemed to be the company's far-sighted plan to elaborate its collection and properties across the Indian Ocean and introduce new brands into the family business.

Not leaving the industry any more curious, the group itself has partially revealed its motive behind its transformation into a simpler form of name by debuting its refreshed brand at this past ILTM Canned 2022, which would be relaunched in April 2023, as the group officials hint at.

The new name for the group is rather a shortened version of the initial one, which indicates the group's intention to stay adamant to its core beliefs and principles. Instead, however, it has cut out "Hotels" and limited the name into "Villas Resorts." Interestingly, two of its flagship resorts are supposed to change their names altogether as part of this brand renaming.

Let us delve deep into how the renaming of the renowned brand Villa Hotels and Resorts takes on its properties!

A Few Words About Villa Hotels & Resorts!

Established as early as 1986, Villas Hotels & Resorts has always been in the limelight in the Maldives beach island tourism for several reasons. Not only does its portfolio embraces five much-coveted Maldives beach resorts, but the portfolio also has properties of all luxury categories, such as five-star, four-star, and three-star. Each of its five beach destinations, such as Five Star Sun Island, Five Star Paradise Island, Five Star Royal Island, Four-Star Holiday Island, and Three-Star Fun Island, has brought much reputation to the parent brand because of its impeccable service and refined luxury concepts.

Another striking aspect about Villa Resorts is that it is one of only a few brands in the Maldives that is owned wholly by locals of the Maldives. For the same, the brand has always been successful in doling out pure Maldivian warmth to international tourists at its beach island resorts. Despite the rebranding and renaming, this native-oriented ideology and vision and mission will always remain with this brand, Villa Hotels & Resorts, henceforth called Villa Resorts. After decades of triumphant operation, Villa Resorts is opting for a brand-led transformation of the company, aiming at next-generation travelers.

What is to be Expected As Part of Rebranding of Villa Resorts?

As mentioned, "Villa" has retained its first place in the new brand name followed by "Resorts." The properties and sub-brands will start their names with the prefix "Villa" followed by their own unique names. As opposed to what it was previously, this time, each resort and property will be easily recognizable by their names and will be as flexible a framework as to grow as a family of sub-brands.

Different from the earlier concept of all properties sharing a somewhat identical set of characteristics, each of the resort sub-brands of renamed Villa Resorts is supposed to have a unique personality in terms of the resort's theme, color palette, imagery, typography, service, and communication, all while sticking to parent group's strict policy that has always favored pure localism. This way, the chances of resort sub-brands gaining glory are immense.

The launching of a brand-new resort and the rebranding of two of its existing resorts are other features of this brand transformation of Villa Resorts (Villa Hotels & Resorts earlier). Villa Haven, the group's new luxury flagship will be unveiled in South Ari Atoll in late 2023. Also, Paradise Island Resort Maldives will be known as Villa Nautica and Sun Island will be transformed into Villa Park. In late 2025, Royal Island will be Villa Village as well.

One thing is sure, besides an apparent change in names, guests are bound to witness an elevated form of service, innovative programs, and enhanced guest experience at all resorts of Villa Resorts. From rooms and restaurants to public areas have already been modernized to the minute.


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